I'm recovering nicely from Friday's surgery and should be ready to get back into it on Sunday.  The problem is that my sinus infection from late last week has not let go.

I went to an urgent care facility on Thursday and got two shots and an antibiotic.  I felt somewhat better on Friday and surgery went well.  I started to go back downhill on Saturday and by Sunday night my ear was hurting so much I could barely get any sleep.  On Monday morning I went back to the doctor.  It's always fun when the doctor looks into your ear and says "Wow!".  He even had to take a second look.  I got three more shots and two new perscriptions.  Today I still have a fever and my ear still hurts but I think I am getting better.

  • Health data: Sick: 5
I am recovering from surgery and walking around VERY gingerly.

I've been working like crazy (at least 14 hours each day) while fighting an increasingly bad sinus infection. Today I left work in time to get to an after-hours care place that knows me well and got a couple of shots, one in each cheek. I really miss working out but I have not really been up for it even if I had the time. I've been getting Neal Phelpsian levels of sleep and I now that hasn't helped things.

I will have a forced week off of tri training starting tomorrow due to minor surgery.  I will be able to lift weights starting on Monday so I won't be completely shut out.


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