Another long night talking to Hong Kong.  It should be the last one for a least a week.

Happy Birthday Natalie!  I can't believe it's been 7 years since she was born. 

  • 28m
  • 2.35 miles
  • 11m 55s /Mi
Easy run to test my IT band with instructions to stop immediately if I felt any discomfort.  I felt none at all during the run.  Right now there is a tiny bit but I'm icing it.  After the run I stretched for 20 minutes and then worked my core. 

Had more morning Asia fun so no workout of any kind.  The need to leave early to get my girls forestalls any lunchtime workout.  I'm going to try to ride the trainer a bit this evening while watching "Super Why" with my girls.

For some reason my BP is crazy today 168/114 so I think I won't be doing anything physical tonight.  I'm also going to break down and order Domino's tonight.  Uh, for the girls.

The girls and I tried to go and watch the bike and run portions of the Emerald Pointe triathlon only to find that the cops had shut down Holiday road. Oh well.

At W's urging I picked up a Cho-Pat brace from Big Peach.  It really helps.  I was able to chase my girls around for an hour with no discomfort, though my legs felt very heavy.  I still intend to follow Dr. Nik's instructions and not try to do any real running for another week.  I am only allowed to run enough to get well warmed up before stretching. 

  • RACE DAY: Emerald Pointe Triathlon
I am frustrated that my knee is still giving me trouble.  It's fine when I walk but it hurts some when I go up and down stairs.  Despite the discomfort I really have the urge to run.  Fortunately, having constant kid duty keeps me from doing much.

Evening 2 of no Anna went well.  I was disappointed that I could not attend the club meeting though.

My muscles feel much better today but I still have a twinge in my knee when I walk.  I'll keep icing and resting and hoping for the best.

Anna landed safely in Moscow and is currently enjoying a 13 hour layover.  I've got the girls to myself for the next 25 days.  It's good that my older daughter has a pretty good idea of what clothes go together.  I'm hopeless.

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