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I'm out for the MCM.

Sorry for the cryptic message but things have been a little crazy the last few days. Anna's father died Sunday night from complications following his surgery. Anna and Nina (who is here) are in pretty bad shape. Work is nuts too so I haven't had much time to workout or to log.

The was easy but I was definitely feeling pain in my IT band and some discomfort in my heel. This was my test run and was supposed to be 6 miles. I shut it down after 4 so I wouldn't cause more damage.

I'm going to register for the ING full and will start making my plans for next year.

I had a pretty good day.  Natalie sang at church in the morning.  I cleaned the upstairs of my house (the girls "helped").  And the girls and I played with a couple of "stomp rockets" with some neighborhood kids for a couple of hours.  Natalie is getting closer to being able to ride a bike.  She still tries to hop off when she gets into trouble instead of using the brake.  I think that she'll be riding by the time Anna gets back.
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Natalie had a great time at her birthday party.  Afterwards I found out that jumping rope is harder than I remember and it really set off my heel.  It was good to get a bit of a workout though.  My mother gets here on Wednesday so I'll be able to get back to morning workouts then.

I got on the trainer last night after putting the girls to bed. I had an 11:00 call with our Australian office so I wasn't going to bed anyway. It felt really good to get some exercise.

I really want to get more exercise.  The big one and I are going to "train" tomorrow afternoon.  She will be on her scooter and I will run.


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The girls and I had a nice birthday celebration last night. Natalie is SO proud to be 7 years old. Her grandmother got her a new DVD so I plan to ride the trainer tonight while both girls try it out. Maybe I'll give a Mindy style review of it tomorrow.

Another long night talking to Hong Kong.  It should be the last one for a least a week.

Happy Birthday Natalie!  I can't believe it's been 7 years since she was born. 

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