• 15m
  • 0.80 miles
  • 18m 45s /Mi

Easy walking to warm up legs.

Today my knee (IT band) is feeling a little better.  I no longer have sharp pains every time I try to bend my left leg.  I tried to do an easy spin on the bike but my knee was not in agreement with that plan so I just walked a bit.  Stretching felt very good.  My quads and glutes are very sore but my calves and hamstrings are just a little tired.  My lack of energy on the run kept me from pushing those muscles.  Unless my IT band makes a miraculous recovery I think I'm out for the Emerald Pointe tri and probably for the MCM too.  I'll see what Dr. Nik can do.

A few more comments on the race.

When I picked up my stuff from transition and headed to the car I thought to myself man, the bike is hard to push. I must be really tired. Then I realized that there was some squeaking coming from the front wheel. I then remembered that the last time I had been on the bike (a roswell ride with Neal) I noticed that the front brake was rubbing and commented that I needed to get Curtis to adjust it. I never did get together with Curtis. I had figured that with all the Gaps riding I had done I should have a decent bike time. I didn't and I think I now know why. Note to self: If you notice your brake rubbing, make sure it is fixed BEFORE you ride 56 miles. Also, I screwed up nutrition AGAIN. I planned to have two uncrustables on the bike along with my flask of GU. Did I remember to put the uncrustables in my transition bag? Of course not. Did I remember to take a GU before the swim? Of course not. Did I drink 4 full bottles on the bike? Almost. Do I feel like an idiot? Yes. Most importantly: Am I going to CRUSH SC next year? Damn Right!

Race Report is up. 

  • 3h 33m 47s
  • 56.00 miles
  • 15.72 Mi/hr
  • 2h 51m 30s
  • 13.10 miles
  • 13m 05s /Mi
  • 51m 12s
  • 2187.00 yards
  • 02m 20s /100 yards

I survived. And I hurt.

I was disappointed with my time. At the beginning of my swim I got excited and went out too fast. My right shoulder started screaming at about the fifth stroke. After that I pretty much swam in slow motion. I would not be surprised if my swim time was close to an hour. My bike time was pretty poor and my run was awful. That being said, I am very glad that I did the race and am proud of my accomplishment. It also means that I have a great deal of room to improve.

The NAMC folks were fantastic! Their support on the run is what kept me going. When I went by the tent on my second (and last) lap they all went nuts. I felt like a rock star! About 20 yards down I overheard someone ask "Who is that guy? Is he famous?" I sure felt like it.

I'll do a race report when I get the splits. I think my overall time was 7:25 or so.

Happy birthday Anna!

I'll do a quick run and stretch this evening.  That's it.

I saw Dr. Nik again last night, mainly so he could work on my IT band. He went to town on both IT bands, the knee, my right shoulder, and both hip flexors. He said my hip flexors were incredibly tight. I guess sitting at the computer or in the car for 16 hours a day for 3 weeks is not conducive to loose muscles. If you've never had Dr. Nik work on your hip flexors, be warned. It makes graston seem like a cool summer breeze.

For the next three days I'm supposed to warm up my legs and stretch twice a day.

It's 9:40pm and I finally get a moment of no work.  They're trying to squeeze as much as possible out of me before I head out for the weekend.

I'm leaving work early tomorrow to get the girls and decorate a cake for Anna's birthday.  She's turning 29 again. 

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