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  • 26.20 miles
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I hurt.  But I'm happy with my time.  I'll try to do a race report later today or tomorrow morning.  As the Redskins were suffering their worst loss since 1961 I had the time to do a race report.


Congratulations to Leslie who crushed the MCM and qualified for Boston!

I'm off to DC.  Tomorrow should be a good day.  First the marathon.  Then watching the Redskins game with my buddy from high school.  Sweet.

When Anna's father was out of Intensive Care for a day he kept telling her that he regretted that he never swam in the ocean.  My father often tells me how much he regrets only coming to two of my games when I was in High School.  I never want to have to tell anyone how much I regretted not running the MCM.  I'm sure that I will suffer.  I may even cry.  But dammit I'm going to finish it!


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Lots of stretching today.

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Hills level 8/15

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  • 08m 02s /Mi

Quick brick

Did a little brick at the gym today.  My heel is still bothering me but my IT band was not a problem.  It felt good to exercise but I am still not feeling "right".

  • Health data: Hours slept: 7

My legs are feeling pretty good today.  I think that my lack of energy yesterday was due to lack of sleep.  I'm pumped up to go back out there this coming weekend.

Between work and getting documents to Anna I don't know if I'll be able to work out today.  I may just do a quick run on the treadmill this evening. 

I'm not sure about the treadmill run.  My heel has really been bothering me since playing basketball a week ago.  I guess I need to stick to tri sports.

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