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Shorter route through Morningside.

I feel like CRAP today.  My hips hurt, my quads hurt, my knee hurts, my ankles hurt, and my foot hurts.  Maybe I've been running too much.  I think I'm going to start tapering my runnning for the 1/2 marathon on the 25th.  I know that 13 miles is not a very long run for some folks, but it is a long way for me to drag around my 250 pounds.

I would like to go biking on Sunday and I have tentative approval from the boss but I am worried about going too far and not being able to recover in time for the race.  Any suggestions?

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Stationary bike.

My legs are still sore from the 5k.  Yesterday my left knee and ankle were really bothering me.  For about a mile of the race we were on Monroe, which has pretty significant camber.  So I think I really stressed my left leg. 

Yesterday was alot of fun.  The girls and I played outside for most of the day  The weather was great!

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Niketown 5k

I had fun running the race with Meredith. She definitely pulled me along the last mile or so. The weather turned out great for running and I bettered my goal by a minute. Now it's nap time.

What was I thinking.  There was no time for a nap.

I said I had fun running the race but I don't know that I'll do another 5k any time soon.  It was short but seemed harder to run that the 10k's I have done.  Maybe because I felt that I needed to go almost all out the whole way.  Of course having to keep up with Meredith had something to do with it.  Just before making the last turn to the finish I told her that I didn't have anything left for a finishing kick.  She shamed me into putting out just a little more effort.  I caught up to a 9-year-old right before the finish line.  She smiled at me, put on a burst, and easily beat me to the finish line.  I also found out that a 7-year-old from my daughter's school beat me by 7 minutes.  That's humbling.  For someone who has barely been able to run for the last two months Meredith did great!  I've been running my a** off and I BARELY nipped her at the end. 

I had to be at work at 6am so no workout today.  I guess I should rest up a bit for the race tomorrow.  I don't want to get smoked too badly by lawyerchick.

On another note, my co-worker gets back from paternity leave on Monday.  That means the 12-hour workdays will drop to maybe 9-10 hours and allow me to catch up on BT.  Life will be sweet!

I went to Niketown at lunchtime to pick up my packet and found that they not only did not have my race number (they gave me a new one), they did not have my size shirt.  I was pretty disappointed until I found out that someone from Hembree Springs Elementary (my daughter's school) had picked up the packets of parents and was sending them home with the kids.  I'm sure that Natalie will be very excited to bring something home.  I wish that Anna and the girls could come watch but piano lessons take precedence.  Someday they'll run with me!

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My legs still have not recovered from Tuesday's run and I felt pretty bad out there today. I hope that another day of rest will allow me to have a good race on Saturday.

It sucks that I can't make it to the Expo/NAMC meeting this evening.  Today is "international Women's Day", at least in Russia.  It's like Valentine's day except I also have to get stuff for my mother-in-law.  I sure am glad I married a woman from another country.  Otherwise I might be having a good time right now.

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