• 6h 29m 43s
  • 112.00 miles
  • 17.24 Mi/hr
  • 5h 44m 07s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 13m 08s /Mi
  • 1h 10m 36s
  • 4155.73 yards
  • 01m 42s /100 yards

I appreciate the inspires you guys have left. Anna copied them into an email last night but I can't respond. It's nice to know that there are so many people who are looking out for me and who wil be tracking my progress tomorrow. 7:00 - Last pre-race post. I'm not feeling very nervous but my BP suggests otherwise. I'm going to take a hot bath (I hate baths but it's supposed to bring down my BP) and then go to bed. The plan for tomorrow is to go very easy on the swim, bike at a pce that makes me feel guilty, run very easy the first half of the run, and then do the best I can on the second half of the run. If I stick to my nutrition/hydration plan I should finish before the cutoffs. 2:00 - Dang it. I went by the med tent to get my BP checked and it wasn't bad - 142/77. The problem is that my temperature was 100.2. I guess that is why my BP has been so high. It's better that I have a slightly elevated temp than my BP be too high to race. Noon - I turned in my bike and transition bags. If I forgot something - tough. I know I have shoes, shirt, and helmet in there and that's enough. I'm feeling very tired so I think I'm going to take a nap and hope that I'm not sick. 9:00am - I got the wheel taken care of and went for a 20 minute spin. It turns out that the flats were not due to my questionable skills but instead were due to bad plastic rim tape. Now I am loading my bags. I have to turn in my T-1 and T-2 bags along with my bike today. That puts a little crimp in my nutrition plan for tomorrow. I had planned to eat 4-5 uncrustables on the bike tomorrow. But if I have to turn in my bag with the uncrudstables today will they still be alright tomorrow? I've got 6 hours to decided what to do. Morning BP - 150/84 - 20 points less than yesterday I swear that I have successfully changed tires/tubes before but I ust don't seem to be able to do it here. Yesterday evening one tube went flat. I changed it and all seemed well until I was woken up in the night by a "pssssss" sound. Yep, the other one went flat. I'm going to take it by the professionals to get it taken care of today.
7:30pm - I am at the athlete's dinner/meeting. Pat Lafontaine is speaking. I plan to head back to the condo after this and go to bed. I'm still hoping for 10+ hours of sleep tonight. 4:20 - It turns out that the 2 internet cafes in PCB are closed for the season. I took a nap and afterwards my BP was 142/67. Tonight I'm going for 12 hours of sleep! Replacing my rear tire went fine until about 10 minutes after I was done I heard "psssss". Crap. I should have replaced the tube in the first place. I replaced the tube and will take it for a spin tomorrow morning. 10:10 - I am now in the huuuuge registration line. Word is that it'll take an hour or so. Once I get done here I'll head back to the condo to replace the rear tire on my bike. It's got a bulging sidewall. My legs feel good though I have a bunch of small joint pains. I think that's to be expected at this point. I saw Dollar and a bunch of BTers at the practice swim this morning. The swim went well. The water is cold out to the sandbar then it warms up. I found one more spot that I need to bodyglide. Last night I woke up at 2:30 local time and couldn't get back to sleep. BP was really bad this morning. I will spend the rest of today and all day tomorrow trying to bring it down. I'll also try to find an internet cafe or something so I can read/respond to inspires.
I made it down to PCB. My BP is still misbehaving but I am hopeful that a good night's sleep will bring it down. I will probably meet up with Dollar tomorrow morning for a swim. Lots of people are out running and riding. It's pretty cool. This morning my daughter was running a little late for the bus and we could see it coming just as we left the house.  We ran to the bus stop and got there in plenty of time.  Unfortunately I got the pounding in my neck and the back of my head that signals a too-high BP.  The little one is sick and was up a lot last night and I am definitely low on sleep so maybe that's what's doing it.  I am going to head down to Florida, sleep a ton in the next two days, and hope that brings my BP down to where it needs to be for me to race.  I have resigned myself to pulling out if my BP is too high.

I got my bike back from Curtis and I'm very glad that I had him look it over because one of my tires was ready to blow out the side.  It's the kind of thing that would have required a whole new tire if it had happened on the course.  Otherwise the bike is good to go!

I saw Dr. Nik for one last session before the race.  It was painful as always but my hamstrings were a little more flexible than last week.  He thinks that the stress of the race is driving up my BP and that once I am down in PCB and swimming/biking/running again I'll be fine.  The fact that it's at it's highest first thing in the morning makes me think he is right.  I have had a lot of IMFL related dreams recently and I've woken up a bunch during the night.  I should also have a chance to catch up on sleep while I'm down there, which should have a positive impact on my attitude along with my BP.


1:20pm - BP is down to 148/89.  Good enough.

11:00am - I must be losing my mind.  Of the various medications I take I managed to miss the Mack Daddy.  I just took it and hope to see the results soon.  Right now I'm heading to Curtis' house to pick up my bike. 

For those of you who are wondering what a Gatorade swim is:  On Wed, Thurs, and Fri morning Gatorade sponsors a practice swim on the actual Ironman swim route.  They provide lifeguards and refreshments.  I'm really looking forward to the one on Thursday.

10:45am BP: 172/92 - being consistent is good right?

Morning BP: 172/87 - not good

  • 22m
  • 1100.00 yards
  • 02m /100 yards

Good news!  I can update my log from my Blackberry.  I can't open my inspires or inspire anyone but I won't have to rely on pre-blogging while I'm in FL. 

Easy swim at masters this morning.  It was nice to be in the pool and I didn't feel tired.

Morning BP: 145/91 - better than yesterday 

This week's schedule:
M - Swim easy :20-:30
T - Off
W - Bike Base :30
Th - Gatorade swim
F - Easy Brick :30/:15
Su - eat and sleep

My hamstring feels better every day.  I did about 20 minutes of yoga to loosen up.  I intend to go to Masters for an easy swim tomorrow morning.

Afternoon BP: 169/82

Noon BP: 161/80

Morning BP: 172/82 - Crap.

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