6:30pm - I just took my BP and it's way low.  The home BP monitor generally registers high but right now it's saying I'm at 123/63.  That's much lower than usual for me and could easily explain the dizziness.

Hmmm.  I'm getting dizzy every time I get up and start walking.  It looks like another trip to the Doc is in my near future.

Wow.  10 little girls sure can make a lot of noise.  I tried to hide out in the garage but any time I went into the house it was rough.  They seem to be enjoying themselves though.

Last night I actually thought that I might go to Masters this morning.  When my alarm rang I just couldn't do it.  I still feel sick today but I guess I'm getting a little better every day.  I'm definitely going to bike on Sunday.

My mother purchased the personalized video from IMFL.  I put it in my album. 

Another decent night's sleep and I feel like I'm at about 70%.  Not well enough to swim tomorrow but I am going to schedule a ride on Sunday.

I may actually get to mow my lawn this weekend for the first time since August.  I may want to hide my eyes when I look at my back yard.  It's in really bad shape.

I actually slept most of the way through the night last night!  I think I am feeling a bit more perky this morning but I'm still coughing.  It think I might actually be able to ride on Sunday if it's not too cold.

My little one is five years old today.  For some reason she has the idea that she would get physically bigger overnight, big enough that I wouldn't be able to pick her up.  I think she was a little disappointed until she remembered that she is bringing cupcakes to pre-k today.

I don't feel quite as sick as I did yesterday but I was still up about half of the night coughing.  It would be nice to take a day or two to just lay in bed but work is a little crazy right now.

I would really like to recover enough to do at least a short ride this weekend, though I'm not going if it close to freezing.


There must be something really wrong with me.  Right now I'm sick enough that walking too far makes me dizzy but I'm sitting here figuring out my race plan for 2009 and am wishing that I could put an ironman on the schedule.  I'm also frustrated that I missed the deadline for the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim lottery.

I think I slept a little better last night but that's not saying much.  The doctor I saw yesterday said that constant exercise stimulates the immune system but there is a bit of a rebound effect when you stop exericising for a few days.  I guess I need to make sure that I don't go more than one day without exercise.

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