• 1h 00m
  • 5.84 miles
  • -----

Base run in Midtown

My shoulder is botherng me today, and was bothering me on the run last night.  I have had shoulder discomfort after my last three rides on my road bike.  I guess I need to stick to my tri bike.

If you want to have a good morning run don't do a brick the night before.  My legs were alright and my HR wasn't elevated but I felt out of gas.  I didn't get done with the brick last night until 9:45 and it was too late to have a real meal so I just had some gatorade and a little milk.  Maybe I should have tried to eat something anyway.  This morning we had a monthly meeting where breakfast was provided.  They had friut, yogurt, and chick-fil-a chicken biscuits.  I had a banana and the chicken out of three biscuits.

  • 1h 39m 21s
  • 24.56 miles
  • 14.83 Mi/hr

Brick part I

  • 45m
  • 4.75 miles
  • 09m 28s /Mi

Brick part II

I finally found a way to get Neal to work hard on a bike ride:  Drag him out right after he's run 4 miles of LT intervals.  He-he.

The little one was up for a good portion of the night with ear pain so no morning swim for me. I may need to take her to the doc so maybe no brick today either. If I can't ride I'll do tomorrow's base run on the treadmill instead. It looks like I'll be able to drag Neal on a 25 mile Roswell ride before running. So I'll get the brick done after all.

I need to HTFU!

Hmmm.  My normal shoulder problem is in the front of my right shoulder.  Today the back of the shoulder joint is giving me trouble.  I hope it gets better by tomorrow morning.  Wah Wah Wah.  I want my mommy.

Today is an off day, though I'll take the girls to the pool after work and I'm sure that they'll have me doing something strenuous to entertain them.

  • 45m
  • 2150.00 yards
  • 02m 05s /100 yards

Swim at Dynamo

I successfully resisted a large plate of homemade brownies that was set out less than 20 feet from my desk.  I think the fact that I am down 10 pounds since May 8 is helping me be strong.

I feel both good and bad about today's swim.  It's my longest swim workout ever, and the only time I've gone above 2000 yards in a pool (I did slightly more at SC last year).  The problem is that I feel beat, and my delts are really complaining.  I have pretty bad flexibility in my shoulders and it takes a lot of effort to get my arm straight above (in front of) my head on the reach.  My delts tend to get really tired and I end up just throwing my arms forward.  The good news is that my normal shoulder issue did not rear its ugly head today.  Maybe a year of specific stretching and exercise (and no bench, flys, push-ups, etc) have finally gotten it under control.  I was also pushing off the wall hard on the last few 100s.  For a while, in the middle of the set, I really felt like I was gliding through the water and I had a couple 100s around 1:40 that didn't feel hard.  I need to figure out what I was doing right and try to do it all the time.

WU:  10:00 mixed swim  -  350
MS:   30:00 straight swim  -  1600
CD:     5:00 easy swim - 200

As I sat here with sore legs I realized that last week was my biggest week yet for run, bike, and swim volume.  I guess it makes sense that I was really beat by the end of yesterday's ride.  And I also realized that my legs are going to have two days off.  Somehow I have the feeling that wasn't an accident.

This week's plan:
M - Swim :45
T - Off
W - Swim Masters, Brick 1:45/:45
Th - Base run 1:00, Core
F - Swim Masters, Endurance bike 2:00
Sa - Possum trot 10k
Su - Base bike 4:00

  • 4h 01m 09s
  • 70.81 miles
  • 17.62 Mi/hr

Base bike on SCT
Mavell - Van Wert - Mavell

I just couldn't get it up today. My heart rate that is. Some days you have it, some days you don't. I didn't have it today. At Van Wert I was really wishing that I could stop then. It was a struggle to get back to Mavell. It was also the busiest I have seen the trail in a long time.

I find it interesting that the Garmin says that I rode 70.81 miles while the turn-around point was past Mile Post 36. I don't know who to believe.

When I walked in the door my girls were very happy that I was home and excitedly said to my wife "distract him! distract him! He's not supposed to see the cake!" When you're 7 and 4 it's hard to keep a secret.

I again failed to hydrate adequately again today.  I intended to drink 1/2 bottle every 20 minutes, given that it was going to be over 80 for the whole ride.  I did alright for the first 40 minutes then I fell apart.  I ended up drinking about 3 1/2 bottles in 4 hours.  Not nearly enough, especially considering that I did not drink much between waking up and starting the ride.  I must be stronger mentally and force myself to drink more.  I also kept to tradition and hardly ate anything.  I ate most of a clif bar on the way to the trail and stopped at the convenience store at Van Wert to get some fig newtons.  Definitely not enough. 


  • 52m 10s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 10m 26s /Mi

Soft surface run at Hembree Park.
Distance is estimated

I had a good time cowbelling at the race today.  The club did great!  Elaine decided that 1500 meters was too short of a swim so she did an extra 600 or so.  She stuck with it and finished the race.

I stopped by Hembree Park for a run on the crushed gravel trail.  My legs were definitely feeling tired but my knee didn't bother me much.

  • 1h 45m 01s
  • 31.70 miles
  • 18.11 Mi/hr

Endurance Bike on the SCT

  • 40m
  • 1700.00 yards
  • 02m 21s /100 yards

Time is an estimate

Swim in the subdivision pool.  I annoyed a bunch of teenagers who had hoped to have the pool to themselves.  The annoying part of the swim was that I was forced to do open turns because the pool is too shallow at the ends.  I don't think that I kept to t-pace like I was supposed to but I tried to have smooth and long strokes. 

I raised the seat on my tri bike up to where I thought it ought to be and it really made a difference. My it band complained just a tiny bit at about mile 25. My legs are really beat though.

Nope. No resisting free pizza. I kept it to two slices of cheese and no cookies.

We're getting free pizza (Mellow Mushroom) for lunch. Give me strength!

I was able to control myself this morning at "Donuts for Dads". I received very cute cards from my girls and my older daughter even got my age right this year. Last year she apparently thought I was 75 years old. She still beleives that my favorite food is broccoli. Now I like broccoli but I don't beleive that I would put it on my short list of favorite foods.

I had some (painful) fun with the Stick and the foam roller last night. My IT band bothered me a little going down the stairs this morning so I might use the foam roller a bit before biking after work today. My wife and I have a date to do yoga after I get home tonight.

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