Bike #1
  • 16m 39s
  • 4.68 miles
  • -----

Back to Mavell Rd. at recovery pace

Bike #2
  • 1h 16m 31s
  • 23.38 miles
  • 18.33 Mi/hr

Intervals on the SCT

Oh no!  The big family reunion at Indian Springs (our family has had a cottage at the Methodist campgroud for 100 years) is always at the end of July.  Except for this year.  This year they (the campground directors) decided to have camp meeting two weeks earlier.  That means that the big reunion is the same day as Chattanooga.  I COULD miss the reunion for the race but, given that my whole family is coming down, that might cause some problems.  It looks like another race is biting the dust for me (ING, Gulf Coast, Chattanooga).  At least I got to do the Tundra.

Boy am I beat.  I did increasing HR intervals on the SCT this morning but miscalculated my turn-around point and finished the workout before I had even gotten back to Floyd Rd.  So I road the rest of the way back to Mavell at a very easy pace.  My glutes and quads felt sore before the ride and it was very difficult to keep my HR up on the first 3 intervals and impossible on the last interval, though it was (barely) in the target range.

I had one annoying/fun episode on the ride this morning.  On the way from Floyd back to Mavell I stopped at the crossing at Hicks Rd and hit the button for the light.  A car blew through the light at least 2 seconds after it turned red while honking the horn and giving me the finger.  I had already unclipped seeing that he wasn't going to stop but I guess he didn't like the way I looked.  The fun part was that there was a cop on Bates rd (it runs right next to the comet at that point) to turn right on Hicks.  Instead he hit his lights and roared off after the guy.



  • 45m 01s
  • 4.59 miles
  • 09m 49s /Mi

Yesterday I kept to tradition and did not drink or eat nearly enough on the ride.  From the time the ride started at 8:00am to a couple hours after I got home ~3:00pm I only needed to pee once.  In the first 3 hours after the ride I drank 2 cans of soda, one bottle of water, and two 32oz bottles of Powerade.  I still only had to pee once.  I really need to convince myself to drink (and eat) adequately on the bike.  On Sunday I have a 3:45 base ride on the schedule.  I intend to finish at least 5 bottles of fluid. 

A ride like the one yesterday really hammers home that I need to lose weight.  Sure it's fun to coast downhill and pass a bunch of people who are pedalling hard, but it's really tough to have to climb any substantial grade in my granny gear.  I try to imagine what it would be like to bike with 30 less pounds dragging me down.  It's gotta be sweet. 

Today I was supposed to do a Steady Run (HR 161-174) but my legs just didn't have a steady run in them.  Early on I had some pain in my heel and I wasn't able to keep my HR up.  I got pretty discouraged and considered bagging the run altogether.  But I decided to do the best I could and at least get the time in.  I ended up with a base run. 

My quads are sore and my glutes are really sore.  My left knee hurts going up and down stairs and my right heel hurts when walking/running up an incline.  Otherwise I am alright after yesterday's ride.

Yesterday my 7-year-old had her first swimming lesson where she was learning strokes.  She came home and immediately demanded that we go to the pool so she could show me what she had learned.  She was soooo proud of herself.  I was proud too.  She does not side breath but she was doing a recognizable freestyle.  Kids are fun.


This week's plan:

MSteady Run :45
TSwim 1050, Bike Intervals
WBase Run 1:00, Core
ThSwim 1050, Tempo Brick 1:20
F10k Step ups, Core
SuBike 3:45, T-run :15

Calories:  2020

  • 3h 46m 52s
  • 62.98 miles
  • 16.66 Mi/hr

No chest strap so no HR info

  • 14m 01s
  • 1.36 miles
  • 10m 19s /Mi

Short t-run. Just to see. It wasn't pretty.

Biked the 66 mile option at a hilly West GA 100 today. I tried to take it a little easy because I made the mistake of looking at my workout schedule for the upcoming week. I think that Brett made it especially brutal in an attempt to convince me to do 66 instead of 100 today. It worked. I did a little t-run afterwards on hills and I decided that I am NOT going to run in bike shorts again.

  • RACE DAY: West Georgia Century
Stupid, stupid, stupid!  I should know better than to try to throw my 75 pound daughter around the pool.  My shoulder just isn't up to it.  Right now I can't lift my right arm at all.  I hope that it will be substantially better in the morning.
  • 45m 01s
  • 4.44 miles
  • 10m 08s /Mi
  • 20m


  • ABS - Advanced Obliques
  • ABS - Crunches (FB)
  • ABS - Crunches, Lying Oblique

and planks, roll-outs, etc.

2:40 - I wasn't able to swim today.  I may try to do it at my neighborhood pool in the morning.  I'm also trying to decide if I'm going to go tri bike or road bike for the ride this Sunday. 

Z1 soft surface run on the track at Piedmont Park.  My leg muscles were alright but I have a lot of little aches and pains in my hips and knees.  I have also been famished at the end of my workouts the last couple of days.  I hope that's a sign that I'm burning fat.

I cut my finger pretty bad last night on a broken beer bottle.  My wife had left one in the freezer and the top blew off.  I didn't realize that it was frozen to the tray and when I tried to pick it up it broke and one corner gashed my finger.  I tried to just use butterfly bandages and tape on it last night but I think it definitely needs stitches.  It didn't hurt all that much (until I cleaned it out with soap and water) but it sure did bleed alot.  My daughter thought it was cool.

  • 1h 00m 01s
  • 17.96 miles
  • 17.96 Mi/hr

Yup, no swim for me today.  I don't feel cold anymore though. 

It's 10:30 and I still feel chilled.  Maybe I can run down to teh gym at lunchtime and take another hot shower.  The disturbing thing is that I am usually too hot, not cold. 

I'm going to have to move today's swim to tomorrow because of a group event here at work.  The bad news is that the Masters team will be using the 50 meter pool tomorrow so I'll be stuck in the 25 yard inside pool. 

I had a painful session with Dr. Nik last night.  The Graston on my IT band and vastus medialis (just inside and above the knee) was painful but the real fun came when he worked on my psoas. 

A cool, wet Cruise Interval workout on the Silver Comet.  About 2 miles out from Mavell Rd. I almost bit it when an older couple riding a tandem decided to respond to my "on your left" yell by making a u-turn.  This would not have been a big problem except that the tandem took up the whole trail.  I dived right and fortunately there was about 2 feet of grass for me to ride on.  If i had been in my bars I would have been toast but I was just warming up and was not in aero.  Otherwise it was just a pretty miserable ride in light rain.  It was my first shot at cruise intervals so I'm not sure if I did them right.

Intervallap timespeedavg HR

  • 1h 00m 01s
  • 5.90 miles
  • 10m 10s /Mi
  • Yoga
  • 20m

If you are bored you can go over to the log of my co-worker, Justin, who I harangued into joining BT and getting into triathlons.  He did Emerald Pointe last year and is going to do Chattanooga.  His screen name is jcb759 and he is at the bottom of my friends list on the left.

I did my base run this morning using the old, and hilly, route through the Park and Morningside.  The foot doctor told me to avoid hills because they would aggrevate my heel.  He was right.  No more hills from now on.  I am pretty happy with my pace for a base run though.  I was hurting but almost a minute faster per mile than my previous run on this route.

I'm pretty tired and achy this morning.  Mostly in my legs but my upper body feels kind of tired too.

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