• 1h 14m
  • 3500.00 yards
  • 02m 07s /100 yards

Masters at Westminster

  • 1h 30m 01s
  • 27.33 miles
  • 18.22 Mi/hr

Endurance ride on the SCT

My legs are definitely still feeling Saturday's ride. My hamstrings are also really sore due to all the bending over I did taking timing chips off of ankles on Sunday morning. Tomorrow morning's run ought to be interesting.

My arms and shoulders are cooked. Again I had my longest swim workout ever and I feel very yard. I felt good doing the pulls and apparently I am faster pulling than I am swimming. On the first two sets of pulls I ended up doing an extra 50 because the people in the lane next to me were not done. I still finished before them even with the extra 50. I also am getting comfortable breathing on my left side when pulling, but not as much when swimming. After I got out a friend of Meredith (Condin?) introduced herself and told me that my pull is "10 times better than my swim". That's got to mean something.

WU: 4x50 swim build
MS: 500 pull w/bouy (did 550)
4x125 swim on 2:15
500 pull w/bouy (did 550)
10x50 kick w/fins
500 pull w/bouy
5x100 swim
CD: 200 swim easy

After work I'm doing a 1:30 bike on the SCT. I intend to leave Mavell Rd. at around 6:15.

This week's plan:
M - Masters swim, Endurance bike 1:30
T - Endurance run :45
W - Masters swim, Base run 1:00
Th - Brick (bike 2:00 Z3 intervals, run :30 Z3)
F - Off
Sa - Base bike 5:00 (:15 t-run)
Su - AeT run :45

  • 45m 06s
  • 11.59 miles
  • 15.42 Mi/hr

Recovery ride up and down Riverside Drive.

My 7-year-old and I volunteered with the rest of the club at the Irongirls triathlon today. I was proud of Natalie for doing such a good job for such a long time. I was also proud of how well the ladies in the club did in the race. They all seemed so happy when they were done.

Being at the finish line of a race like this was great. It was so inspiring to see so many first time racers finishing the triathlon. I almost teared up several times seeing the exultation in the eyes of some of the athletes. I still vividly remember the feeling I had when I finished my first triathlon. I was kind of in shock that I was able to accomplish something that seemed absolutely unreachable such a short time before.

I am pretty happy with how well I am doing after yesterday's ride. My glutes are in the worst shape but I'm not doing badly overall. Today's recovery ride should be nice and I think I'll be recovered enough tomorrow to do Masters and an Endurance bike. What a difference a year makes!

Cartersville 2007

  • 6h 05m 46s
  • 96.81 miles
  • 15.88 Mi/hr

Cartersville Century

I rode the Cartersville Century today with Leslie, Greg, Jonathan, Neal, Nat, and others. It was by far the best century ride I've done. It's a lot more fun when you're not the last one in. I rode with Leslie most of the way. She would get ahead on the climbs and I would catch her on the downhills. After the 55 mile rest stop there was a loooong climb that caused flashbacks to Neel's gap. After that there wasn't enough downhill left in the ride for me to catch her. I actually almost did it right at the end. I tried to take it easy for most of the ride and was able to finish pretty strong. I probably passed 20 people or so over the last 20 miles and didn't get passed by anyone. I tried to minimize the time I spent at rest stops so each one (except for the first) was 2-3 minutes. When I got done I really felt like I could have run but I wasn't disappointed that a t-run was not on my schedule.

My Garmin was beset by the autopause gremlins so I lost a little time/distance.

It was not so long ago that I would be wiped out after a 40 mile ride on the SCT.  Today I rode the Cartersvile century and had no problem mowing the lawn.  I did take an ice bath with 3 bags of ice when I got home from the ride.  Maybe that's why I feel so good right now.  Tomorrow I might be in really bad shape. 

  • 1h 15m 04s
  • 7.13 miles
  • 10m 32s /Mi

Base run in Midtown

After a couple of days walking around normally at work I am back to hobbling like an old man. My co-workers are relieved to see the old Felix back. I'm also back in "hydrate so much that the lady near the rest room looks at me funny" mode.

Yesterday on the SCT I had convinced myself to swim this morning instead of running. I am a little nervous about Cartersville and my legs felt pretty beat. Then this morning I looked at my short-term goals and decided to stick to the plan. My legs are tired and I won't be going very fast but I'll finish the 100 tomorrow. I've been in the last group in for both of my previous centuries so why mess with tradition?

  • 2h 01m 36s
  • 35.21 miles
  • 17.37 Mi/hr
  • 20m


  • ABS - Advanced Obliques
  • ABS - Crunches (FB)
  • ABS - Crunches, Lying Oblique
  • ABS - Knee-Raise, Hanging

plus planks, roll-outs, etc.

Rode the SCT with Leslie, Courtney, Kraig, and Bill.  On the way back the skies opened up and we got completely soaked.  For a while it rained so hard I had to slow way down because I could barely see.  It was good to be out riding though.

Just a little core fun this morning. Leslie and I are going to do a 2:00 ride on the SCT after work today if anyone wants to join us.

  • 56m
  • 2600.00 yards
  • 02m 09s /100 yards
  • 1h 44m 38s
  • 30.07 miles
  • 17.24 Mi/hr

Brick Part I

  • 46m 44s
  • 4.63 miles
  • 10m 05s /Mi

Brick part II

I did a 1:45/:45 brick on the SCT with Leslie. She moves pretty well for a woman with kidney stones. It was a bit warm out there.

Masters swim this morning.

WU: 6x50 build
MS: 5x100 pull w/bouy (:05)
10x100 swim odds build, evens maintain (:15)
5x100 odds swim build, evens kick (:00)
CD: 300 easy swim

The kick sets took a loooong time but when I swam right after I felt like a speedboat.

I will head out from Mavell Rd at around 6:15 this evening for a 1:45 ride/:45 run if anyone wants to join me.

The strange pain I had yesterday reminds me of the same type of pain I had in my knee a couple of months ago on a run at RAP.  That pain went away pretty quickly and hasn't come back.  I guess I'm just getting old. 

I'm not sure what happened yesterday.  An hour or so after I got home the pain had gone away though there was still a bit of swelling right in front of the ankle joint.  This morning it looks and feels normal.  Today's an off day and I've made an executive decision to not to try to make up the aborted run from yesterday.

My shoulders and arms are a little tired today.  I guess I made a pretty big jump in yardage when I stepped up to Masters.  I figure my muscles will hve caught up in a couple of weeks or so.

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