No training today.  I have a client in and have to take them to dinner. 

I'm Bib Number 108 for IMCDA. 
  • 42m 17s
  • 5.01 miles
  • 08m 26s /Mi

Was supposed to swim this morning but that didn't happen.  My stupid neighbors behind us decided it Monday night would be a great night for a party.  I went down there at 1am to tell them to knock it the F$#C Off.  It was two dudes sitting out there blasted out of their mind listening to music, yelling at each other and to top it off they were giving each other a haircut using only scissors you would use for cutting paper.  It was bizarrre.  They had to be on something other than booze to be acting the way they were. 

I talked to my buddy who is a Detective with the Chicago Police Department (he works gangs and drugs) and he is going to stop by and have a chat with them tonight as this isn't the first time this has happened. 

  • 05m
  • 1.50 miles
  • 18.00 Mi/hr

warmup on stationary bike at gym

  • 25m 04s
  • 1500.00 yards
  • 01m 40s /100 yards

Quick swim to try out new tinted goggles that I'll use on race day if it is sunny.

  • 20m

pushups, situps, stretching

  • 4h 00m
  • 68.80 miles
  • 17.20 Mi/hr

Skipped the Udder Century. Didn't want to risk riding in the rain.

Rode a loop plus of IMCDA course Real Course Video on the CompuTrainer and caught up on TV.

  • RACE DAY: Udder Century
  • 1h 39m 42s
  • 11.02 miles
  • 09m 03s /Mi

Easy run along the lake. Cold and windy again, Chicago weather sucks.

  • 1h 00m
  • 20.71 miles
  • 20.71 Mi/hr


  • Massage
  • 55m

Nice deep tissue massage

Working from home today.  Our garage door busted last night, it looks like a spring snapped.  The repair man is supposed to come sometime today.  I live in a Condo and we have a 3 car garage so nobody can get their cars out today.  At least everybody could take public transportation if we have to go someplace. 

  • 57m 48s
  • 7.01 miles
  • 08m 15s /Mi

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