Today is a rest day.  Going to do a little stretching at lunch today, maybe some easy strength training and then get my hair chopped (need to be aerodynamic as possible for the race Tongue out ).
  • 34m 35s
  • 2000.00 yards
  • 01m 44s /100 yards

5 X 400 Swim

  • 41m 30s
  • 9.05 miles
  • 13.08 Mi/hr

Rode my mountain bike along the lakefront. What a zoo today.

Saw The Hangover last night.  My throat and stomach muscles are a little sore from laughing so hard.  I never thought I could laugh for an hour and forty five minutes straight.  If you like Old School or Wedding Crashers type movies go see this one.  Just be warned do not bring kids. 

  • 1h 10m 37s
  • 8.05 miles
  • 08m 46s /Mi

  • 36m 31s
  • 2000.00 yards
  • 01m 50s /100 yards

2000 Straight

  • 2h 00m
  • 36.33 miles
  • 18.17 Mi/hr

Last ride on the Tri Bike. It is going to Tri Bike Transport this afternoon to be shipped to CDA.

And my bike and bag are now in the hands of Tri Bike Transport.  I'll have to get the last few rides in next week on my mountain bike.  Should be a good time. 

  • 52m 04s
  • 3000.00 yards
  • 01m 44s /100 yards

Felt really tired and sluggish in the water today. Not sure what is wrong.

  • 44m
  • 5.02 miles
  • 08m 46s /Mi

No training today.  I have a client in and have to take them to dinner. 

I'm Bib Number 108 for IMCDA. 
  • 42m 17s
  • 5.01 miles
  • 08m 26s /Mi

Was supposed to swim this morning but that didn't happen.  My stupid neighbors behind us decided it Monday night would be a great night for a party.  I went down there at 1am to tell them to knock it the F$#C Off.  It was two dudes sitting out there blasted out of their mind listening to music, yelling at each other and to top it off they were giving each other a haircut using only scissors you would use for cutting paper.  It was bizarrre.  They had to be on something other than booze to be acting the way they were. 

I talked to my buddy who is a Detective with the Chicago Police Department (he works gangs and drugs) and he is going to stop by and have a chat with them tonight as this isn't the first time this has happened. 

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