Busy day today.  Have to pick up a few things for the trip, then need to pack.  Also watching some friends of ours bulldog as they are moving today.  Polly and Romeo do not always get along so this should be interesting.  Gonna try and get a run in tonight.  Next week will be a lot of bad food and beer.  Then it is on for training for Door County. 
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Some walking, some running, some sprinting, some jogging, some running, some walking

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All kinds of stuff. Gonna be sore

Wacky weather again.  Went from having the heat on yesterday to popping the AC on this morning. Was going to ride this morning, but had to be in the office by 7:30 for a call with an east coast client.  

Have a personal training session tonight at the gym and jowisc is joining me.  Should be a good time.  

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Walking, running, walking

Had to go to Mundeline today for a client.  Drove back into the office and got stuck in the OWS, May Day, Anarchist asshole march in the city.  

On that note, we also just got the notice from our office that we are not to come into the city during NATO as they are afraid all hell will break loose.  Mu buddies that work for the CPD and the FBI are preparing for war that weekend.  The CPD already busted one group that had over 500 plastic coke bottles filled with human waste to throw at the cops.  Should be a great time.  

As you may know the NATO Summit will be in Chicago May 20th thru 21st.  Diplomats will begin arriving in Chicago as early as Friday May 18th.  Please consider the following:

  • People are encouraged to work from home on May 18th and May 21st. 
  • There should be no outside visitors in the Chicago office during the dates of May 18th thru May 21st. 
  • Do not schedule any deliveries to the office during those dates. 
  • If you absolutely need to be in the office those days you should limit leaving the building. 
  • If for any security reasons the building needs to go on lockdown, no one will be allowed into or out of the building.  

We will be having a upcoming fire drill so please pay extra attention to the emergency procedures.  If you are going to be on the office at that time please let me know so we can give the building an accurate count of how many people are expected in our office.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


Additional information on the Summit and what Chicago is doing can be found at:


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I hate morning workouts. I have no energy or pop in my legs.

Some Walking, Some Running, Some Walking

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Some walking, some running, some walking

All my buddies and I bailed on the race. No desire to run in the cold and rain. Will run indoors this morning and then going to the Bulls game at noon. Got skybox tickets.

And the Bulls playoffs are done.  At least I got to see the 1 game that Derrick Rose was able to play before he blew his knee out.  

  • RACE DAY: CARA Lakefront 10 Miler

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