• 3h 13m 58s
  • 26.20 miles
  • 07m 24s /Mi

Race report is up.

Happy I ran a Boston qualifier and lowered my PR by about 1 minute. Hopefully next time I can tweak the training enough to get through the last 4 miles better, was tough being so close to shattering my PR to see it slip away. But I definitely went for it and left it all out on the course. Just came up a tad short, but still a good time overall.

  • 31m
  • 4.15 miles
  • 07m 28s /Mi

A short easy run today during the beginning of a nice snowstorm. About an inch on the ground at 5am this morning but expecting to get 6-10 inches. Let's hope the snowplows are out in force for Sunday's marathon.

  • 56m 30s
  • 8.35 miles
  • 06m 46s /Mi

A cold Main St run this morning, meeting up with KLaw. Neither of us paid attention to the pace, just ran and chatted a bit. Mostly trying to stay warm, I think it was a balmy 16 degrees without the wind chill. But it looks like we had a decent pace going, I suppose that's a good sign.

A nice, slow easy run tomorrow hopefully, and my "tapering" training will be done. Time to go buy some pasta...

  • 59m
  • 8.25 miles
  • 07m 09s /Mi

Marathon week. Started off with a rest day, did a comfortable hour this morning, and will likely take another rest day tomorrow. I'll play it by ear. Race day weather forecast is calling for a rain/snow combination so far, but temps in the mid to upper 30's. Sounds interesting...

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