Went to an "Injury Prevention Seminar" hosted by Dr. Jordan Metzl, who's the resident Sports Medicine MD at Triathlete Magazine. He and his brother, who are both multiple IM finishers talked about bike fit--how different adjustments to your bike can correct various injuries, and about injury prevention in general. A few takeaways: --The $25 insoles you buy at your running store are just as good as the custom ones that cost $500 --Strength training is important for injury prevention, and triathletes should do it. Once a week during the season and twice a week in the offseason, ideally. Strengthening your muscles reduces the percentage of the load that the tendons have to bear --Warmup and stretch LIGHTLY before you workout, but most of your stretching should be done following a workout. Still feeling a little under the weather, but better. B: YFG L: dumplings & hot & sour soup D: pb& J
Sigh. Woke up with "flu-like symptoms." And no, it's not a hangover. I considered going home early from work today,but stuck it out. I'm feeling a little better as I type this, but it's definitely the result of being a little worn down, so I think I'll pass on the workout tonight. Another hour of riding the trainer isn't going to matter on Sunday, but a low-grade fever and a headache could definitely throw a wrench into the Century plans. Stopped at Cadence Cycles on the way home to get a gel flask, then realized I have an "Injury Prevention Clinic" at SBR tomorrow night, and they'll probably have a better selection. Realized this AFTER I bought the thing of course. Got a few more gels, also. I'm down to my last mint chocolate Gu. That's sad. B: YFG L: Soba noodle soup w/vegetables S: CLif bar D: ww spaghetti w/garlic & oil
Today was better. Bit of a rough patch at work lately, but noting too awful. Summer Fridays start next week, so that's good news. Dinner tonight with a vendor, and my rep likes to live large, so I know it's going to be good whenever he takes me out. B: Granola L: Sushi D: Oysters on the 1/2 shell (3 bluepoints, 3 PEI) Sirloin steak the size of my forearm, sauteed spinach, mashed potatoes w/horseradish. Bread ppudding w/bourbon sauce. Martini to start, and a nice bottle of Cakebread Cab w/the meal. I could get used to this.
  • 1h 10m
  • 3750.00 yards
  • 01m 52s /100 yards

Looong swim.

Bleah. Ominous start to the week. Bad day. Bad weather. Good workout, though. And a fancy dinner tomorrow with a vendor. So, things are lookin' up a little. B: YFG L: turkey sandwich S: blueberry muffin (blueberry muffins are my comfort food. If I'm eating a blueberry muffin in the middle of the day, it means I'm having a sh!tty day.) D: baked chicken, potatoes, cabbage slaw salad

  • 30m
  • 3.00 miles
  • -----

Hill intervals. Ouch.

Mothers day. Woke up with the boy, who's still in the grip of some horrible phlemmy malady of some kind. Went out to the in-laws and went to breakfast, hung out at their house, then came home. Went out to dinner at a local place, then went for a short run. It's unseasonably cold. Yay. B: eggs, canadian bacon, potatos. Diner food. D: salad, pizza S: post-run--lf chocolate milk

  • 1h 50m 22s
  • 25.22 miles
  • -----
Went out for a ride today, and did a little different route than my usual. Did one lap of Central Park, which was much hillier than the usual out-and-back to the GWB. I like hills. I biked up the hill that Emily and I ran hill repeats on last year. I don't remember it being quite so big. I must have been distracted by her charm and wit, or something. After that, just hung out at home and watched the NCAA Lacrosse tournament on TV. VEry underrated as a spectator sport. It's like hockey, only there's a goal every couple of minutes, instead of only 3 or 4 a game. Happy Mothers day to all you BAAAAAAD Muthas out there. You know who you are. B: pb&J On ride: 1 bottle G2, 1 gel postride: bagel w/ lite cc Dinner: tacos

  • 1h 15m
  • 23.50 miles
  • 18.80 Mi/hr

On the trainer

B: Yogurt and berries L: orange risotto with mixed vegetables (vendor took me to lunch) D: Some vile lean cuisine thing. Didn't feel like cooking after the workout.

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