So tonight’s the “JP Morgan/Chase Corporate Challenge”. It’s a 3.5mi race in Central Park. There is an actual “race” and, for some companies, it’s pretty competitive. Most of the people from my company plan to walk the course. I plan to run, although I’m not going to go all out. I’ll say under 29m as a goal. There’s no chip timing though, so I’ll have to go by my stopwatch—I’m not about to show up to this thing wearing a Garmin. My co-workers think I’m enough of a freak just because I plan to run the whole distance. The company puts on a really nice post-race spread and party. Open bar, raw bar, the whole nine. I have to leave kind of early, because my parents are visiting and they want to celebrate our wedding anniversary with my wife and I tonight, so I can’t get home too late. So, my primary motivation for running as fast as I can is that, the sooner I finish, the sooner I get to the party and the more oysters and cocktails I’ll be able to enjoy on the company dime before I have to race home. Sigh. I wish I was faster. This would be a good time to be able to run a 5:45 mile. Tomorrow, we’re headed to the beach. Not sure what kinda Internet setup the beach house will have, so I may be BT-impaired. But rest assured, I’ll be training my butt off. In between grilling lobsters and drinking chilled rose’ champagne. Happy 15th anniversary to Mrs. JMK and me! It’s truly amazing that someone has been able to put up with all my BS for so long. It should be an inspiration to everyone. We’re so complimentary, it’s really funny. We share the same values, but actually we have very different tastes, when it comes to food, music, movies, etc. But most of the things I’m really good at are not her strengths, and vice versa. I met her when I was a sophomore in college, and, I think if you had told me then and there that I was going to marry her and spend the next 20 years with her, I would have told you, “Sounds like a plan.” B: Opttimum power and skim milk L: Cold sesame noodles and hot and sour soup Pre-race: Strawberry clif blox D:

  • RACE DAY: JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge
“Our dishwasher died today.” (Ok, who caught the subtle ironic reference to Camus’ “The Stranger”? Anyone…?) But seriously, our dishwasher kicked it today. It sucks. Of all the appliances in the house, that’s the one I rely on the most, because I hate to wash dishes and so does my wife. I’m no good at fixing this kinda stuff. If it’s a mechanical problem, I can sometimes manage, but, in this case, there are no lights on the front of the unit, and, once I’m done checking the power supply and the breaker, I’m out of ideas. That’s the problem with these modern appliances. Why, back in my day we just used a baby elephant who stood on a shelf outside the window, and you squeezed his trunk to make him spray water over the dishes. And you were done in plenty of time to make it to the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo meetings. My son is currently running my mother ragged somewhere on the streets of Brooklyn. She brought him a little airplane that attaches to the handlebars of his bike, and, when he rides, the propeller spins. It’s pretty cool. I’d consider getting one for my bike, but there’s no way that thing’s aero. B: Optimim Power cereal with blueberries & skim milk L: Vegetable soba soup S: some chocolate my boss brought back from Russia.
  • 30m
  • 9.75 miles
  • -----
Mom’s here! My mom’s up for a few days to look after the boy, since his babysitter has jury duty. That should be fun—they have a good time together. Trouble is, it’s likely to interfere somewhat with training. For one thing, using my trainer’s out, since we had to put it away to make room for the guest bed. I didn’t have time for much of a workout—I did 30 minutes on the stationary bike at a pretty high intensity, and a couple of lower-body strength exercises. I’ll try and get in something a little more involved tomorrow. Maybe a swim, time permitting. My weight’s creeping back up again. Time to batten down the hatches. I’m only up to 176, but I was able to maintain at 174 for a week or so until my post-race complacency got the better of me. I know it’s only 2 lbs, but 174 is a lot nicer to see on the scale than 176. Sometimes I feel like such a chick. ;) B:Raisin Bran w/skim S: Clif bar L:Grilled chicken & veggies from Olive Garden. Gelato D: Leftover rice and beans, chips & salsa

On the strength of yesterday's race, I added another Sprint to the calendar--it's the "Flat as a Pancake Tri", a Sprint, in Staten Island in two weeks. It's a "club race" for the Brooklyn Tri Club, so there are about 20 other members who will be racing it as well, so that should be fun. The race itself is pretty easy, as I recall. It's, well...flat. As a pancake. Congrats to Alaina (jazz####) on her amazing finish at IM70.3 Kansas! Fast girls are cool! Legs feel pretty good today. About how they should feel the day after a race. Mom's coming to stay w/us tomorrow, so there's lots of cleaning to be done chez nous; depending on how that goes, I might go to the gym for a while or jump on the trainer and spin out the legs. And, btw, Mila, My bike isn't black--it's a silver frame, but everything else (fork, seat, cockpit, bento, pedals, wheels) are black. And I'm fine with it. Silver is on the list of acceptable colors. B: YOG S: Clif bar L: Sushi S: 'nother Clif bar S: pb &j D: Black beans & rice, some chips & salsa
  • 36m 09s
  • 12.00 miles
  • 19.92 Mi/hr
  • 24m 50s
  • 3.10 miles
  • 08m 01s /Mi
  • 16m 02s
  • 874.89 yards
  • -----
Race Report is up! Pretty good race. Some calf cramps near the end from a lack of electrolytes, but no issues from the sprain. I love my new GPS. It's awesome. In honor of the fact that it's a dual Fathers Day/Anniversary gift, and since it's our 15th anniversary and the traditional anniversary gift is crystal, I've named the female voice in the GPS "Crystal". My wife approves. Also, proof that my wife rocks: Right after the race she said, "So, how were your transitions? Were they better this time?" Also, she took some really good pictures of me, which I'll post as soon as she downloads them. B: PB on bagel Pre-race 20oz of Accellerade, 1 "espresso love" gel. During race: 20 oz of water+Nuun, 1 vanilla Accel Gel (should have been 2, but I launched one out of my bento during the race), and one espresso love gel to start the run. Post-race: granola bar L: swiss cheese omlet, home fries, Canadian bacon, ww toast D: Cocktails at the neighbors. Cheese, crackers, some raw veggies w/some kind of veggie dip. 2 beers.

FATHERS' DAY! I got a fantastic gift--my wife got my a Garmin nuvi 760 GPS, and it rocks. Can't wait to use it to find the race tomorrow, since I have NO IDEA where it is. Lots of errends today: 1. Go to bank, make additional deposit to the KOTWT's College Fund. 2. Get F-D gift for my father in law 3.Buy gift for neighbor-kid's birthday party 4. Attend aforementioned neighbor-kid's party (KOTWT nearly slept through it.) 5. Drive out to in-law's 6. 7. Eat gross pasta from father-in-law's favorite local Italian restaurant in lieu of the delicious pre-race meal I'm capable of making on my own, since my in-laws won't let me cook in their kitchen since, according to my mother in law, "I use too many pots and pans." Yet they have a dishwasher. Go figure. 8. Assemble race stuff, prep bike, etc. Hope to do this with minimal kibitzing from Father in Law. 9. Go to bed at reasonable hour 10. Get decent night's sleep, despite the fact that the mattress in my in-laws' guestroom was clearly purchased from some going-out-of-business sale at a prison or penal colony. B: ww bagel w/lf cream cheese, onion, tomato L: Tuna on ww toast S: A few snacks at the birthday party. Some healthy, some not as much. D: Bland mushy pasta, watery marinara sauce and overcooked grilled chicken. Yum.
Packet pick up wasn’t a huge nightmare. My swim cap is gold. No, not gold like “bright yellow”, I mean gold as in “shiny like the metal”. Maybe I can use it at Halloween I’ll go as Notre Dame University. Errends errends today: 1. Have coffee with and old friend I recently got back in touch with. 2. Pick up a suit. (Yes, it’s the same color as the other one.) 3. Buy anniversary gift for best beloved. 4. Buy Bodyglide. Totally unrelated to #3. 5. Stop by tri store and see about insoles. 6. There is no number 6 7. Call Peace Corps and harangue them about Emily’s placement. 8. Organize stuff for race on Sunday B: YOF, and a piece of banana bread. My son’s babysitter makes the best ever. She puts blueberries in it. L: The other half of yesterday’s burrito. Maybe even better, after a night’s marination in the fridge.

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