• 30m
  • 2.00 miles
  • -----

slooow 'mill run/walk

  • 1h 30m

Circuit workout

Calf is at about 75%. Trouble is, it still has that "one bad step away from getting re-injured" feel to it, so I'm reluctant to try running on it until that's gone. B: Chex w/skim & blueberries L: grilled chicken salad D: egg sandwich on ww

  • 25m
  • 2.50 miles
  • -----

Elliptical thing

  • 40m


Yeesh what a crappy day at work. At least I had this really cool new suit on, so I looked like a million bucks. (Quiet, Emily.) Ok workout. Hey, my race is a week from Sunday and I can't run. At all. Yay! This should be interesting. I guess my calf feels a little better. Hopefully I'll be able to try it out a little this weekend. Luckily, it's only a Sprint. Sure wish Tim was around. I have some questions about the bike course, which he rode last year. B: Chex w skim & blueberries S: Clif bar L: gaspacho & ww bread & 2 twizzlers S: almonds D: chicken w/veggies & brown rice, tomato salad.

  • 45m
  • 2000.00 yards
  • -----

Drills drills and more drills.

Pool was crowded, so I decided to take the only open lane in the "Very Slow" lane and spend the workout doing exclusively drills. I felt fine, I guess, and I was starting to get a good feel for my stroke. It must have looked good, because at one point, I was stopped at the wall and the older Russian lady who was sharing my lane said to me (And you have to imagine this in a Russian accent like Natasha on Rocky and Bullwinkle) "You are like feesh out zere. Wery smooz." I love Brooklyn. :) Calf's better still. I got an ace bandage, which makes a big difference. I'm going to swim tonight, since my wife has a meeting after work. Yesterday, my son comes traipsing into the living room dragging my wife's old rollerblades, and says, "Papa, look what I found in the closet that I'm not allowed into!" What do you say to that, really, except,"Wow, hey. Look at that." He turns four on Friday. B: pb&j S: Almonds L: Grilled grouper, steamed vegetables, 1/2 doz. Bluepoints

  • 1h 00m
  • 18.62 miles
  • 18.62 Mi/hr

Trainer ride

Calf is still a little sore. I was able to walk to the grocery store yesterday evening without limping, so that's progress. Swim tonight, unless my wife decides at the last minute to go to Sex and the City, in which case, I'll ride the trainer and watch some really violent guy-film in protest. I'm thinking of "Last Man Standing". B: YFG S: almonds L: Salad that made me feel nauseous S: pb on ww D: turkey/swiss on ww, some baked chips & salsa S: Dried fruit

Was supposed to go swimming with the boy, but he adamantly refused, so, that was that. Instead, we went and watch my wife win her softball championship. She could have been the MVP--she had an amazing season. After that, we went home, and I tried to go for a run, but my calf (my injury dujour) wasn't having it. Instead, I spent the day RICEing my leg. I hate to be a whiner, because, given what some others here deal with, I'm grateful to be able to bike and swim without any problems. My calves have always bothered me lng before tri's, so this is nothing new. But, this means that it's been about 5 months without having some kind of injury restricting my training, and it's pissing me off. I don't think Sprints are going to be to much of an issue, but Oly's and HIM's are going to to be tough and/or impossible if I can't start putting in some longer distance runs. I think I've got one run of more than 6 miles in '08, and that ain't gonna cut it. At least my knee and achilles feel better. B: YFG L: pizza at the ballgame D: turkey tacos w/lowfat cheese
It's supposed to pour this morning/afternoon, so bike riding might be out, but I'll try to get in a run. Naturally, I forgot that my wife had plans this afternoon, so I spent the whole day with the boy and didn't get to work out at all. B: pb&j L: D: tapas at this nice little local place.
  • 1h 15m
  • 23.20 miles
  • 18.56 Mi/hr


Here's what's on the list today: Work 'till 1pm Go to party store and buy decorations/goody bag gifts for son's party next week Get haircut Drop off drycleaning Get suit tailored Go for a run, time permitting. Wife has plans tonight, so I'll be on the trainer. Happy Friday! B: Banana smoothie, granola & skim L: kung pao chicken w/brown rice D: hamburger, tomato S: grapes, cheese

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