At the Toyota Hybrid booth, I filled out a card dedicating my race to Lucy, and they're going to plant a tree in her honor. I don't know when or where, but I like the idea that it'll be out there. Hopefully, it'll be right next to a really pretty singletrack somewhere. Bike dropoff was pretty easy. I'm a little further from the swim exit than I'd like--about 400 yards. No, that's not a typo. But my spot is close to bike-out/in, just the way I like it. Funny thing--the transition numbers all have funny or encouraging little messages under the number. For example, "You Rock!", "Any Day's a Good Day for Spandex", "Who's the Boss? Tony Danza? No! It's you!" And my personal favorite, "Nice Rack." Heh. I also picked up my Brooklyn Tri Club uni, and it's really cool. My favorite feature is, on the back of the shorts it says, "Fuggetaboutit!" It's actually a little more comfortable than my usual kit, and, as much as I love my 2XU top, tomorrow is going to be no day to be wearing all black. Which I don't think I've ever said before. Today's agenda: Get up, make biscuits with the boy. Go to Costco. Consume mass quantities. Shlep bike and gear to race site. Check in and leave bike in transition. Pick up tri uniform on the way home. Go to sleep at a reasonable hour. B: Biscuits w/scrambled eggs & turkey bacon L: PB&J D: Spaghetti & meatballs
Here's the agenda for today: 1) work. Leave work at 1pm and .000001 seconds. Done. I stayed a little later, since I'm such a responsible employee. So, probably until 1:00:01 2) go to NY Hilton. Done. Met up with the charming Kristin, aka Lazy Marathoner and hung out for a while. 2a: Attend race briefing.Done. Boring. Essentially, they read to you from the Athlete Guide. I forgot to ask my question about body marking. 2b: Pick up race packet Done. In the second AG wave. 6:05am. Yellow Cap. Matches my bike. Nice. 2c: Pick up swag bag:Done. A little disappointing, though I got a bunch of free stuff at the expo. 2d: Attend race expo. Buy necessary stuff: Done. 3 gels, 1 Co2, 1 pack margarita shot blox 2e: Avoid buying unnecessary stuff at expo: Done. Although I entered a million raffles and actually won a Profile Design technical tee, tri shorts, and running hat. They're cool, so I'm pretty psyched. 3) Go home. Done. Spent an hour chasing my son around the yard with the hose. 4) Pick up just-arrived Brooklyn Tri Club Uniform.--This one's gonna have to wait 'till tomorrow. We're going to CostCo tomorrow morning to stock up on stuff. Consequently, I have resisted going to the grocery store. Consequently, we have virtually no food in the house at all. I hate that. No peanut butter, no bananas, no G2, no turkey, no nuthin'. It's depressing. It's kind of like being in college again, only without the desire or ability to live on Ramen for weeks at a time. B: scrambled egg on ww. I NEVER cook eggs in the mornings on weekdays, but there wasn't really anything else to eat, and I had to feed my son. Even he thought it was weird. He asked if it was the weekend. L: Falafel sandwich S: salami on ww D: Thai food, noodles w/chicken & chicken satay
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Swam a relatively easy 1500y, focusing on my form the whole time.

What’s the definition of a dilemma? The Project Runway premiere on one channel, the TdF on another, and no TiVo. They’re calling for 90 degrees and high humidity on race day. One more reason to be glad that I’m in a super-early wave. I should be done before the mercury really starts to soar. I feel terrible for the folks in the later waves. Last year was fairly mild for late July in NYC and the first mile of the run, on blacktop across 72nd street has no shade or water stops. Gonna be oppressive. B: banana/skim/pb smoothie S: 1/2 clif bar L: grilled chicken panini w/avocado and pepper jack on ww, peach S: Banana Preworkout-PB, some pretzels. D: baked chicken, potatos, ww toast w/honey

So sad about Lucy. Just tragic. I don't think I can run the 5k for her on Friday, but I'll find a way to get in 5k of something. I didn't know her, but it seems from all the outpouring of emotion and support that she was well-loved and loved well and that she left the world a better place than when she found it, which is really all anyone can ask. Rest in Peace. B: pb&j L: turkey sandwich, potato salad, salad, fruit,small brownie D: Don't remember.
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Circuit workout

In a seminar all day today about coaching. The company running it was founded by a guy who used to be a tennis coach, then moved on to golfers, and now coached executives and managers. Go figure. I always find these kinds of seminar interesting because of the remarkable similarity between management training and the stuff that teach you in books about how to be an effective parent. "Be consistent, keep your promises, punish privately/praise publicly, be specific, don't play favorites, etc." Neither one is rocket science but it's amazing how many people suck at both. Good, relatively easy workout. I'm feeling better about things, but I don't want to jinx myself. B: bagel w/cc L: Rueben sandwich S: cc cookie (note: as anyone who's ever been to one of these seminars can tell you, it's IMPOSSIBLE to eat well) D: Salad, pb on ww

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Home from the mechanic

I was dreaming about the race this weekend, and woke up at around 4am thinking that the race was today and that I had to get my stuff and I was late and had forgotten to check in yesterday and needed to hurry and leave before I missed the start. This has never happened before. Hmm…I think Freud would say that I’m a little nervous about this race. Which I guess I am, given that I haven’t been able to run more than a few miles in several months. Even despite that, I’m not really worried about my fitness and my ability to sustain the necessary intensity to finish the race, I’m just stressed out about my calf injury. It feels fine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not going to suddenly grab me as soon as I take a wrong step. It’s going to be a constant distraction at the back of my mind until I cross the finish line. But I'm crossing the finish line. Got to go tonight and get the bike. He's not going to be there until 9pm, which means a choice of either: a) taking the bike on the subway or b) riding home in the dark, neither of which I'm crazy about. I have lights, but still. Ironically, when he asked me if I wanted him to remove the reflectors, I said, "Sure. After all, I NEVER ride at night; what do I need reflectors for?" B: Granola, skim, blueberries L: turkey on ww with swiss S: banana, granola bar

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