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Circuit workout

Light workout at the Y. Walked briskly on the treadmill and did a couple of slow, gentle 2-minute jogging intervals. Baaaaaaby steps. I registered for the NYC Century ride. It feels nice to have something on my calendar again, even if it isn't for over a month. The last time I did it, I rode my mountain bike, and I only did the 50-mile segment. I remember thinking that 100 miles seemed like a really long way to go in a day. And I still think so, only difference is, now I can actually do it. B: Granola S: Almonds L: Salad Zone bar D: Sandwich

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Up the WSH to CP, one lap of the park & home. Really pushed up all the hills

Rode this morning, and happened upon the New York Half Marathon, which was heading downtown. Looked like fun--I was sorry I wasn't in the race, actually, although I'm in no condition to run 13 miles at the moment. I cruised along, watching the runners and the bands until I got to 72nd street, then went and did a fast loop of the park, and then rode home faster than I had ridden out. Ran an errend at the Apple store in SoHo, then later we're going to a going-away party for some friends. Hope it doesn't rain anymore today. B: Pb&j L: leftover pizza from yesterday...

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Swam for a little while in the grownup pool

Went out to Jersey & spent the day at our friend's town's pool complex, which was fun. I mostly played with my son, but got a few minutes away to do some laps. B: PB&J L: Gyro, ice cream D: Pizza, salad, some other not-so-good stuff

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I was going to see The Dark Knight today after work, but it was too nice a day, so I went for a ride instead. Glad I did that--weather was perfect and it was really nice. It's amazing to ride past the areas where the NYC tri was. You'd never know that any of the stuff had ever been there. Have a great weekend everybody! B: Granola, PB sandwich L: Gross Chinese food, which, in part inspired my decision to ride instead of sit on my ass in a movie theatre.

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Circuit training

Well that’s a pain. The Doc I wanted to see doesn’t take my insurance. Back to the drawing board. I’m soliciting advice from the Brooklyn Tri Club. I’m also debating whether to see a podiatrist or an orthopedist. Thoughts? Going to the gym tonight to do some strength work as well as a spin workout. I’m waiting for the registration for the Rhode Island 70.3 to open. Wondering what’s taking so long—the race was last weekend. Don’t IM’s usually open for next year’s registration the day after they run? I hope it’s not open somewhere already and I’m missing it, but there’s nothing on their website about being open to applications. This damn jellyfish sting on my neck has gone from welt to painful scab. My doctor gave me some cream to put on it, but I bet it leaves a scar. It’s on the back of my neck, so no big deal, but I would have been satisfied with the finisher’s medal as my only souvenir of the day. B: Granola L: Cobb salad

Depending on when my wife gets back from her trip, I’ll either: go to the gym, ride the trainer, or watch Project Runway, and hope this season’s bunch of hacks can redeem themselves from their lackluster performances from last week. Meh. Still not that impressed. When "it turned out better than I thought it would" is the best thing I can say about the designs, that ain't so good... I’m assuming that I’m eventually going to need to at least consult with an Orthopedist regarding my calf, and I’m pretty sure I’m switching doctors. My old doctor, who fixed my ACL, my plantar fasciits, and various other injuries is great, but he kind of misdiagnosed my knee issue last Spring and prescribed a PT regimen that was too conservative and didn’t focus on the core problem, which was a tight ITB. He also said to me, “Honestly, I don’t see it getting a whole lot better”, and on the contrary, my knee is absolutely 100% better after only 10 or 12 PT sessions. I think he’s one of those, “If it’s from running, the only cure is to stop running” doctors. The guy I want to go to is Jordan Metzl, who’s the medical correspondent for Triathlete magazine. He’s himself a triathlete and specializes in treating endurance athletes. So, my question is this: do I rest this injury for a month or so, then go see him if it’s not better (which I don’t think it will be)? Or should I go and see him sooner? Like, for example, now. Basically, I don’t want to spend two months resting this injury only to find that it’s something that isn’t going to get better with rest. WWBTD? B: Granola L: This gross grilled chicken Subway hero. D: Hummus and crackers
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I'm waiting until the boy's asleep, and then I'm going to jump on the trainer. My wife's out of town, so I'm going to take this opportunity to set my trainer up in the living room in front of the tv instead of being relegated to the tiny office upstairs. So I can ride and watch the tour at the same time. Shhh......let's keep this among ourselves, shall we? I also uploaded some photos to my album from the NYC tri. They took about a zillion pictures, so some turned out pretty good. I like the Brooklyn Tri club uni, even though it has other colors besides black. B: Granola L: Salad, turkey sandwich S: Almonds S: Zone bar D: Salad

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