Sooo...I woke up last night at 2am with a 102 fever. Took some tylenol, and by 7, it had gone down to 100.8. Weird. No other symptoms at all. Since I'm leaving tomorrow, I'm taking no chances, so I'm typing this from the computer in my doctor's waiting room. Hopefully she'll say it's nothing (I feel much better than this morning), or give me a 'scrip or something. All's I'm saying is that this better not f-up my vacation. Needless to say, no workout tonight--gotta pack anyway. B: granola S: almonds L: Turkey salad sandwich
Feeling a little...not right. I was planning to take it easy tonight anyway (Runway night). I picked up the copy of the NYC tri from mburkhart's husband (Thanks, Michelle!) and watched it. I'm at minute #41, running up a hill, sometime towards the end of the first mile. (I can tell 'cause I still have my little water bottle with me, which I ditched at the 1st aid station). The voice over as I'm on screen is something like, "It's a hot day, and all of these age-groupers are thinking one thing: 'finish line, finish line, finish line." Yep. That's pretty much what I was thinking at that point. Also, "Ouch this f*cking jellyfish sting hurts." Two days to vacation! Tick tock! B: Granola L: broiled grouper, 1/2 doz oysters D: Chinese food.
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My tri club sponsored a "track meet". Everyone got divided up into different teams and competed in different track and field events. My team ultimately lost, but I won the pushup contest (61 in 60 seconds), the hammer throw, and came in second in the frisbee throw and the "rock put". That was fun. My new favorite show is "G's to Gents". I used to work with Fonzworth Bentley. True story. I think I need to start working, "You can't check a real G" into my daily conversations. I'm not sure what it means, exactly. There's a possibility that you might find this amusing: B: granola w/blueberries and almonds L: turkey wrap w/corn & balck beans pre-track meet: turkey sandwich D: Pizza--2 slices.

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Circuit workout

Light workout at the Y. Walked briskly on the treadmill and did a couple of slow, gentle 2-minute jogging intervals. Baaaaaaby steps. I registered for the NYC Century ride. It feels nice to have something on my calendar again, even if it isn't for over a month. The last time I did it, I rode my mountain bike, and I only did the 50-mile segment. I remember thinking that 100 miles seemed like a really long way to go in a day. And I still think so, only difference is, now I can actually do it. B: Granola S: Almonds L: Salad Zone bar D: Sandwich

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Up the WSH to CP, one lap of the park & home. Really pushed up all the hills

Rode this morning, and happened upon the New York Half Marathon, which was heading downtown. Looked like fun--I was sorry I wasn't in the race, actually, although I'm in no condition to run 13 miles at the moment. I cruised along, watching the runners and the bands until I got to 72nd street, then went and did a fast loop of the park, and then rode home faster than I had ridden out. Ran an errend at the Apple store in SoHo, then later we're going to a going-away party for some friends. Hope it doesn't rain anymore today. B: Pb&j L: leftover pizza from yesterday...

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Swam for a little while in the grownup pool

Went out to Jersey & spent the day at our friend's town's pool complex, which was fun. I mostly played with my son, but got a few minutes away to do some laps. B: PB&J L: Gyro, ice cream D: Pizza, salad, some other not-so-good stuff

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I was going to see The Dark Knight today after work, but it was too nice a day, so I went for a ride instead. Glad I did that--weather was perfect and it was really nice. It's amazing to ride past the areas where the NYC tri was. You'd never know that any of the stuff had ever been there. Have a great weekend everybody! B: Granola, PB sandwich L: Gross Chinese food, which, in part inspired my decision to ride instead of sit on my ass in a movie theatre.

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