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Madame JMK has a softball game tonight (even though it’ll probably get rained out and they’ll all just go drinking…), so tonight, I’ll be riding Stage Deux of my TdF Challenge on the trainer (Allez, Silence-Lotto!) and abusing myself for hours with The Stick, as per my PT. What, that doesn’t sound like fun? I successfully cut the cable off my kid’s bike. I don’t think I have a future as a bike thief—it took longer than expected, even though it was a cheap cable lock. I’m bringing my bike for a pre-NYC Tri tuneup on Friday. Supposedly this mechanic, who works with a lot of people on the Brooklyn Tri Club is great. They call him “The Bike Whisperer.” Heh. Here’s the list of stuff he’s gotta look at: • I’m having persistent trouble staying in the smallest cog. I’ve adjusted the barrel adjuster, but it doesn’t seem to stay put. • Aerobars need to be tightened so that they stay tightened, which probably requires some shimming or whatnot. • General tuneup stuff—tighten cables, clean drivetrain. • When I bought my aerobottle last Spring, the mechanic at the store (Cadence) told me that the cable routing on the front of my bike was “weird”, and that he’d be happy to fix it if I brought it in for a tuneup. I have no idea what this means, and I didn’t ask at the time, so I’ll ask this guiy what he thinks. I may also replace my cleats—they’re getting kinda worn out. The last time I rode, I had more trouble than usual clipping in. B: Kashi L:Salad S: Clif Bar Pre-workout-pb&j D: grilled chicken club

  • Physical Therapy
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Good news from the PT. He's going to give me a program to follow, and he thinks I'll be ok. I told him that if I can finish the race running at a 9:00 pace or better, he can have my free Chipotle burrito that I get for finishing. I have to throw some love at Garmin. We got a GPS for the car, and the charger-thing was broken when we took it out of the box. At first, they wanted to send me some parts and have me try to fix it, then it turned out that the parts were backordered. We have a vacation coming up in about 3 weeks, and I explained that I didn't think the thing was fixable, and I didn't want to wait 3 weeks to figure it out and then not have the GPS for the trip. THey wrote back very promptly and offered to send me a new one in 7-10 days if I returned the broken one. They have great customer service. I'd never hesitate to buy another Garmin product. (This is Jonah, and I approved this message). B: Clif bar L: Salad S: Clif Bar D: ww pasta w/chopped tomatos

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Trainer ride

I made an appointment to see my physical therapist. Hopefully, I'll be able to figure out this pesky calf thing in the next 13 days. Got in a decent trainer workout tonight while listening to the Training Bible Podcast. My workout tomorrow's going to be hit or miss, since I have to go to my buddy's house to borrow his bolt cutters. Why? My son was on the playground with his bike and found a discarded cable lock and decided to lock it onto his wheel. The irony is that I meant to buy him a lock over the weekend and I forgot. B: Kashi L: tuna & cucumbers on baguette S: CLif Bar S: banana Preworkout: banana Post workout:kashi & chocolate milk

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Disappointing. Calf started to hurt about 15 minutes in.

Drove out to CT for a big party. Ate better than yesterday, but no workout. Going to try to catch a look at the Tour before bed. Looks like Dara Torres made Team USA, which is nice, because it means that there's still at least one Olympic athlete who's older than me. B: Cereal L: sashimi tuna, oysters D: soft shelled crabs, other BBQ, stuff
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Very slow run on the treadmill

Took a short run on the 'mill today, stretched, etc. Didn't have time for much more. Went to a BBQ and ate unspeakably bad food. I just can't drink anymore. Not because I get drunk and make an idiot of myself, but, I swear, after one beer, my restraint goes out the window, and I want to (and usually do) eat everything in sight. Waited 'till the sun went down and watched the fireworks, which were spectacular, in spite of the rain. B: Cereal L: turkey & swiss on ww D: Lots of bad food. Yuck.

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Up past GWB, back to 72nd Street, across to CP, two laps of the park, back to WSH & home.

Day off. No work. Kids w/ the babysitter. Wife's at work. No chores, no errend, beautiful day. Howzabout a bike ride! :) That was really really fun. I don't get to do that often enough. B: YFG on ride: 20oz accellerade, 12 oz gatorade (purchased at hotdog stand), 16 oz water+Nuun L:

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