Wife's got a girl's night out and I haven't unpacked the bike shoes yet, so I'm going to chill and watch the olympics. B: Granola L: chicken salad, avocado D: roast chicken
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Back home. Work is craaaazy, so no time for BT at the office. Got home and, after we finished unpacking and so on, I snuck out to the gym for an hour or so. Felt good to be back training again, although I'm still really worn out from vacation. Yes, I know I'm supposed to be resting, but apparently, no one told the 4-yr old that....

Back home. Tired. Great vacation!
Spent the whole day at the beach in Rehoboth with some college friends and their kids.
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Easy ride around the park with my wife and son.

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Went riding with my son

I took my son riding today. I kind of overestimated the distance, and took him on a really long ride for him--about 4 miles. He was pretty exhausted by the end, but he hung in there like a champ. He especially loved the big hill we rode down at the end. He zoomed down the hill screaming "WHEEEEEEEE!" and told me at the bottom, "That was just like a roller coaster!"

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MTB ride along a dirt trail

Went MTB riding with my incredibly competitive friend. He so wanted to race me so he could chirp about beating the Triathlete. My back tire was really low, and he he pretended to "forget" to go past the bike shop so I could air up because he figured he'd have an advantage. Unfortunately for him, his wife decided to come along, so he kept having to stop to wait for her to catch up. Heh. Maybe next year.

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