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Yep. I ran. On the treadmill, but at a decent pace after a 5-minute warmup. I held around a 9m/m pace for most of it, then went to about an 8:30 pace for the last couple of minutes. No pain. A good sign.

Here's another couple of Olympic observations. I love listening to the women in my office ooh and ahh over the male gymnasts. Lest we forget, ladies, their bulging deltoids and ungodly flexibility notwithstanding, most of these boys are about 5’3”. Any of them came up to you in a bar, you’d probably pat them on the head and tell them to run home and finish their Geography homework. The Hungarian weightlifter dislocating his arm is definitely joining the pantheon of shockingly horrible sports injuries, right up there with Busst and Malarchuk. (Go on, Google ‘Malarchuk Injury’ and watch what happens. I dare you…) Cheryl Haworth, the American weightlifter is 5’9, 300lbs. She can squat 600 lbs, do splits in both directions, and has a 30” vertical jump. Eep. I’d like to see an MTV Celebrity Deathmatch between Cheryl Haworth and the entire women’s gymnastic team. You have to admit, that would be entertaining as he11. Can we all please stop with the righteous outrage over the allegations of cheating by the Chinese Olympic team? At least wait until Marion Jones is out of prison. Ok, I recognize that Olympic mascots always ALWAYS suck. But these Chinese Mascots? What are they? And why so many? Was it that difficult to come up with a Chinese Olympic mascot? Look, here's what you do: 1: Draw cartoon of cute chubby panda. 2: Stamp olympic rings on cute chubby panda's belly. Voila. Olympic mascot. There. Was that so hard? You can overthink this stuff, you know. Someone on one of the threads made the point that, as impressive as Phelps/Coughlin's achievements are, it's a little unfair that they get to cash in on so many medals by essentially doing variations of the same thing. I mean, javelin throwers get one event, right? It's not like, "Ok, now we're going to do the javelin throw but with a slightly heavier javelin". "Ok, now we're going to do it but with a slightly longer running start" "Ok, this time, you have to use your other hand.." and all of a sudden, the javelin throwers are collecting six and seven medals. Al Oerter only won 4 medals, but he got them by winning the discus throw in four straight Olympic games, from 1956 to 1968, breaking his own Olympic record each time. Is Phelps going to be breaking records and winning gold medals eight years from now?

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Swam a few 100's in 46 seconds, just for fun.

Ok, not really.

The Olympics have turned me into a zombie. I will somehow muster the energy to swim tonight, but it won’t be easy, since I’m freakin exhausted. Fortunately for me, little Alicia Sacramone did me a favor and fell of the beam at the beginning of her routine, which saved me the trouble of having to stay up through the conclusion of the team gymnastics competition. I’m sure she’ll shake that right off. No way that sticks with her for the rest of her life. I mean, I’m sure she’ll have plenty of other chances to succeed with the fortunes of her teammates and the hopes of an entire nation on her shoulders… Some other sleep-deprived Olympic thoughts: Why is Kerri Walsh wearing a watch during the beach volleyball matches? Is she going somewhere? I’m all for eye candy, but really, would it cost the US womens’ Olympic beach volleyball team the gold medal if they pulled their suits just a tiny bit out of their butt? Likewise, would Michael Phelps pursuit of history be derailed somehow if he pulled his friggin waistband up a half an inch? A little decorum, people. Just sayin’. Shawn Johnson. Kinda cute. I know, I know—she’s only 16. That’s as far as I’ll go, I promise. She’s also in pretty amazing shape. Ok, now I’m done. Seriously. I’ll go back to my favorite line from the TdF: “There is nothing that the French love more than the heroic individual effort that ultimately fails.” It’s fascinating to see how many times that plays out here. Just watch how many French swimmers go out way to fast, lead the race at the first turn, then fade to last place. I swear I’ve seen it two or three times already. There is a dignity, an honor, even in failure in their culture that doesn’t exist in ours. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but it’s interesting to watch. Here’s another example: who is the greatest hero in French history? Joan of Arc. So there you go. “When the Chinese world-record breaking hurdler Liu Xiang was in fourth grade, he was examined by a representative from the Chinese Sports Federation who noticed his large feet and long Achilles tendons and determined that he had the potential to be an Olympic champion”. Somewhere in that passage is the reason why China is the fastest growing economy in the world, I’m just not sure exactly where it is. Has anyone else noticed the robotic “two-handed high-fives” that are exchanged by the Chinese teams after every point or gymnastics routine? It’s as though they watched film of American athletes and said, “look at that thing they do on the sidelines. We must also do this.” So, when the US men's Olympic field hockey team is trying to pick up girls in the Olympic Village, and the girls ask them, "So, what sport do you play?" what do you think they tell them? Because there's no way in he11 that they tell them the truth.

Wife's got a girl's night out and I haven't unpacked the bike shoes yet, so I'm going to chill and watch the olympics. B: Granola L: chicken salad, avocado D: roast chicken
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Back home. Work is craaaazy, so no time for BT at the office. Got home and, after we finished unpacking and so on, I snuck out to the gym for an hour or so. Felt good to be back training again, although I'm still really worn out from vacation. Yes, I know I'm supposed to be resting, but apparently, no one told the 4-yr old that....

Back home. Tired. Great vacation!
Spent the whole day at the beach in Rehoboth with some college friends and their kids.
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Easy ride around the park with my wife and son.

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