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Up to the Bronx and back to about 126th street

I got hit by a car today. Yup. True story. I'm still a little freaked out by it. The short version is, I'm ok, my bike is trashed. For the long version, read on. Here's what happened: I was on the return leg of a trip I've made probably a hundred times, up past the George Washington Bridge, and up into the Bronx. The reason I like the ride is because for nearly all of it, I'm riding on protected greenways. There's a stretch in upper Manhattan of about 4 blocks though, where you have to get off the greenway and ride on the streets before linking up w/the greenway again. I was on this stretch, riding along cautiously at no more than 12-15mph. I saw crosstown traffic coming to a stop at an intersection, and so I started to ride through. All of a sudden, I saw a white Accord or similar car coming towards me. My first impression was that he was going to pull up to the light and stop, but he continued into the intersection towards me. I thought "he sees me--he's going to stop", but he didn't ,and I realized, frighteningly, that I was about to get hit. It's true--things really do slow down when something like this happens, and it's amazing how aware you are of everything happening. I felt the car slam into my right side, cutting the bike out from under me. I didn't feel the car actually make contact with any part of my body, and I actually remember thinking, "ok--that didn't really hurt." Then I rolled up and slammed onto the hood, and I could actually feel it give under me. I expected to hit the windshield, but I didn't, and, again, can recall thinking, "ok...that didn't really hurt either." I slid off the front, and hard onto the pavement landing on my right side, with my right forearm and upper arm taking the brunt of the impact. I recall being clearly aware of watching my co2 inflator and one of my water bottles skidding across the intersection. I remember expecting my head to hit the ground and being prepared for that impact, but it didn't come. I don't think I slid much, just kind of fell off and stopped. Again, I remember thinking, "I think I'm ok." I stood up--waited to see if any bones shards popped out or anything, and my first impulse was to look at the crosstown traffic light, which was, as I suspected, red, meaning he had either run the red light or at least tried to beat the yellow across the intersection. I stood there for a second waiting for some kind of horrible pain to come, and, amazingly, it never did. I had a nice road rash on my arm, and a bruise on my shoulder, but that was it. My helmet doesn't have a scratch, and I didn't even tear my clothes or break my sunglasses. My bike, sadly, is a different story. Front wheel is bent to hell, crankset is trashed, rear der. is also bent into some crazy sculpture. Even my right handlebar is bent. Frame's probably bent, too, since the rear wheel doesn't turn either. The guy who hit me was a mess. He was in the car with his wife and their new baby, and he was pretty shaken up. We talked for a while, and, while he told me he honestly thought he had the light, he was really apologetic and told me more than once that he was glad I was ok. He stayed the entire time, and didn't leave until after the ambulance people told me I could go home. The guy who was in the front of the oncoming lane was, amazingly, a triathlete, and he stayed with me and waited for the cops and ambulance, and then took me and my broken bike in his jeep to the nearest subway. Lucky for me someone like that was there. Cops took everyone's statement, which was, "I thought I had the light", and left. Ambulance came, and the EMT's bandaged my arm, told me my shoulder would probably hurt tomorrow, but said that otherwise I seemed fine, and that if I wanted to go home instead of to the hospital, they were fine with it, so I did. My wife was at the Yankee game with my son, until she got a text that read, "I got hit by a car. I think I'm ok. Waiting for ambulance. Call me, J." at which point she called me in a panic and hurried home. I shlepped home on the D-train with my busted bike and my wrapped up arm. No one said "boo" to me on the train. Gotta love NY-ers. :) So, I'm home. We had a barbecue as planned. And I feel fine. I've got a rash on my arm that's kind of ugly, and my shoulder's definitely going to have a bruise. But, needless to say, considering the alternatives, I'm feeling a little like I've got an angel on my shoulder. So...about that new bike. :) B: pancakes L: Pavement :) D: Hamburger and chickpea/grilled vegetable salad

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So, here's my big news: Looks like there's a new tri-bike in my future! I'm definitely going to get something aluminum, and on the lower end of the price scale, but regardless, I'm super-excited. My bike, much as I love her, is starting to wear down. The mechanic who did my tuneup (and he doesn't work at an LBS, so it's not like he was trying to sell me anything) said that the hubs and rims are wearing out and will need to be replaced in a year or so. Hard to justify spending $300 to replace the wheels on a $500 bike. So I think we'll be combining Xmas+ birthday gifts this year and getting a new ride. I'm going to a shop today to look at some candidates. So far, the short list, pending fittings, pricings, etc, looks like this(in no particular order): Cervelo P2SL Cervelo Dual Valdora AC-Tri QR Kilo Motobecane Nemesis And we'll see if anything else pops up that's in the $1000-$2000 range. I'd prefer to buy from a shop so I could get the fitting included, but I'm not above buying mail-order if it means saving significant money or getting a bike I couldn't otherwise get. Needless to say....I'm a little excited. B: Kashi grape-nuts type cereal, skim

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The envelope please…..and the results of the MRI are…. Partial thickness tear of the musculotendinous junction of the left soleus. In other words, there’s a slight tear in one of the muscles of the left calf, close to the tibia, and right at the point where the tendon joins to the muscle. Prognosis is that it should heal 100% in 12 weeks or less. She prescribed Physical Therapy. So, in a strange way, I’m pleased that at least there is an actual injury, and it wasn’t a) my imagination b) simply that I wasn’t stretching or hydrating enough and cramping up. I’m less than pleased that I have to go back to Physical therapy AGAIN for the third time this year. I think I’ve said this before, but, as both Joss Stone and Jack White have said, “it bears repeating”. The main reason I left my previous company is because I missed recruiting. There are other aspects of this job that I like and that I’m good at, but recruiting is my favorite. In my current role, most of the recruiting I do is for management level and above. And, while it’s very satisfying to pull in a senior executive or creative director making big money, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of recruiting entry-level or very junior-level personnel. There are few things that are more satisfying than offering someone a first or second job that you just know they really want. Recently, I met someone who, on paper, was a little junior for a particular role, but, to her credit, she nailed the interview, and really impressed the SVP that she’ll report to. I offered her a job that I know she’s dying for at a salary that’s significantly higher than what she’s making now. I could hear in her voice how excited she was, and I just know she hung up the phone, jumped around her tiny apartment screaming, and then called her mom. That kind of thing makes my day. B: YFG L: pizza slice, 1/2 turkey sandwich D: veggie burger S: pb&j

I got a nice email from the SVP of HR (my boss' boss' boss and the Sr. HR person in the entire Corporation) congratulating me for winning the fitness challenge (see yesterday's log entry) and setting a good example for the company and my department. That was cool. Always nice to get praise from the Executive Floor. But..the bad news MRI today. Something came up and I had to cxl the appt, but I got another for tomorrow. Whew. My wife's got a softball game, so no gym, and the boy went to bed too late to set up the trainer, so I'm chilling on BT and watching Project Runway, and praying that f-ing Stella finally goes home. B: YFG L: Tuna sandwich on baguette D: Not really hungry, so I kind of grazed on what was in the fridge.
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Busy day. One piece of good news: my company is very fitness/health conscious (ok, yes, it's in part because healthy employees have fewer insurance claims, but it's still nice), and they had this contest that ran the month of august to see which employees could exercise the most (teams of 8 people logged their workouts daily), and my team won, so I get a $100 gift certificate to a sporting goods store. It helped that our team had a triathlete and a marathoner on it... B: YFG S: Almonds L: Turkey sandwich on ww with veggies S: pb&j D: Don't remember, but it was nothing special

Final thoughts on the Olympics: I know it’s not apples and apples, and I’m certainly not comparing China to Nazi Germany, but we kept hearing over and over again about how these games were critical to China to show themselves to the world as a new superpower, and especially that it was considered vitally important to the Chinese that they win as many gold medals as possible to demonstrate…what exactly I’m not sure. But it was hard to hear that and not think of Hitler’s 1936 Berlin games, which he viewed as a means to demonstrate the superiority of the Aryan race and their way of life. It’s kinda nice to have a natural Olympic rival again, like we used to have with the Soviet Union. If Rocky 4 came out today, Ivan Drago would be Chinese. And Sylvester Stallone would be way to old for anyone take him seriously as a boxer anymore, so of course, no one in their right mind would make a movie like that now….oh, wait….. I think all the Americans screaming about the Chinese gymnasts now know what all those French people felt like who were screaming for all those years about how Lance Armstrong just HAD to be doping, because, well…just LOOK at him. At the end of the day, as Lt. Caffee says in A Few Good Men, “It doesn’t matter what I think. It only matters what I can prove.” And, not for nothing, but the 12-year old Chinese girls WON. I’m not saying that it’s ok if they were allowed to compete when they were ineligible, but I didn’t hear much of an outcry until they started winning gold medals. I guess they can unplug Dim Daggett, Elfie Schlagel, Ato Bolden, and Cynthia Potter and put them in their crates until 2012. Seriously, what do they do between Olympics? I can picture Cynthia Potter (he expert commentator for diving) sitting in the park, watching the leaves falling off the trees into the pond and talking to herself. “That one just didn’t have the tight rotation that you’d expect to see in a maple leaf. And way too many ripples on the entry—I wouldn’t give it more than a 7.5. We’ll see if that opens the door for the Poplar to take command of this competition…” I kinda want Michael Phelps to just totally fall off the wagon now. Quit swimming, accept a couple of ridiculous movie roles, start showing up in VIP rooms with Paris Hilton, get photographed by the paparazzi on Diddy’s yacht in St. Barths with a bottle of Cristal in each hand, surrounded by eight topless girls each wearing one of his medals. I mean, he’s earned it, hasn’t he? It must be weird for Misty May and Kerry Walsh to go back to wearing clothes on a regular basis. By the way, did you see the interview with Bob Costas after they won the gold? Somehow, they were all the same size, sitting behind the desk. I don’t know about you, but I think that is a feat of CGI technical brilliance that far outweighs the fireworks in the opening ceremonies. I’m sad that it’s over, actually. As always, I thought the coverage was focused too much on the stuff Americans do well (swimming, sprints, gymnastics) and I didn’t see as much of the other sports and other countries’ top athletes as I’d like to have seen, but I can’t remember enjoying another Olympics more. I’m looking forward to 2012 already—I might actually get a chance to see some of them in person if I play my cards right. That would be cool, no? B: Kashi cereal S: Granola bar L: Tuna sandwich

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