Looks like things turned out ok for my folks. They still aren't back in Houston (they highly reccomend Natchez MS as a travel destination, byw), but a friend of theirs went by their place and said it looks ok. They aren't sure about the Galveston place, though, but it seems as though the damage on the Eastern side of the island, where they are, wasn't as bad as predicted. It'll be a week or more before they can get back there to know for sure, but they're pretty relieved. We're having new windows put in next week, so we spent the day moving all our crap out of the living room up into the storage area where I keep my bikes. Not the best week to be bringing a new bike home, if the test ride goes ok tomorrow. Went swimming for an hour with my son, then went home and napped. (Me, not him.) B: pb on ww L: ww bagel w/cc, tomato & onion D: pasta
  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 10m
My parents (who live in Galveston, TX, right in the path of Ike) have evacuated. That’s a little scary. They packed up some valuables, covered everything in the house with plastic, in case the windows blow, and headed out of town. Originally, their plan was to stay in Beaumont, TX until Bill (who’s my hero, by the way) PM’ed me to say that Beaumont is under a mandatory evac order also. My mom called Bill last night to get his advice and they decided to keep heading East to Natchez, MS. So, right now, my mom and stepfatrher are in some little hotel in Mississippi waiting to see if everything they own is going to be under water in 48 hours. Good times. I was looking at CNN this morning, and, when they show the path of Ike, you can’t even see the little dot on the map that represents Galveston, because the path of the storm is headed right over top of it. Physical therapy this morning—calf and Achilles are feeling better and better. Maybe I can start running next week. My SwimP3 and my new bike stuff have shipped, so maaaybe I’ll get one or both tomorrow. I’m supposed to go and try out the potential new bike on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for Galveston, folks. Looks like it’s going to be bad. B: egg on ww toast

Ike is bearing down on Galveston, TX where my folks and Haley’s (aka Comet) family live. So, if you’ve got a few moments today to cross your fingers on their behalf, that’d be nice. If you’ve never been to Galveston, it’s a strange little place, with a personality all its own. There aren’t enough of those kinds of places anymore, IMO, and I’m worried that if there’s too much damage, what’ll go up in place of what used to be there, like the old ice cream parlor and the mom-and-pop restaurants, and the hippie t-shirt stores and the biker bars will be a bunch of Applebee’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods, and stuff, and that would be a tragedy. And, speaking of tragedies… 7 years ago today, I was at another job about two blocks from where I’m sitting now. I’ll spare you the recap, although it’s on the “where were you” thread on COJ. I suppose we all have our own ways of remembering it, and my personal tribute is to try to make 9/11 as much like the other 364 days on the calendar as I can. I was lucky to have not lost anyone close to me on 9/11, but, obviously, everything’s different now. I remember what it was like to look up in the sky and see a plane and not feel dread. But 9/11 reminded me of the amazing humanity of New Yorkers. I never saw so many random acts of kindness and so many people looking out for each other for no other reason but that they lived together in the same place as I did then. And the best part is, while some of that has faded with time, I think there’s a big part of that that survives today.
Today I: Bought a SwimP3 online--very exciting. And, in a related story, Mila was right. Again. Made my hotel reservations for IM70.3 Rhode Island Ordered my pedals and computer, and a new helmet for the boy. Went to the gym Came home and watched Project Runway. Cleaned up my bike storage area. It was getting messy. I need to keep it neat so when the new bike arrives, she won't get the wrong idea. B: Kashi cereal, skim S: Croissant L: 1/2 RB sandwich D: Black bean chili
  • Physical Therapy
  • 1h 25m

12 minutes on the bike
Deep tissue massage
laser thingie that I'm still dubious about.
Ice massage
Stretching and calf raises

Had another crack-of-stupid PT appointment this morning. She said maybe some slow running next week. Hooray. And I signed up for Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island, in July of '09. Eep. This is sort of funny.(it’s about my kid, so if that doesn’t interest you, simply leave me a clever inspire and feel free to move on.) So, yesterday was the first day of preschool, and my wife and I get home and the nanny tells us that he was in a fight with another boy. So, we sat him down, and asked him what happened. He tells us that he was playing with a toy, and another boy wanted it so he grabbed it and they were having a tug of war with it. And my wife says, “Ok. And then what happened?”, and he sort of shrugs and says, “Then I won.” I was trying to do the “serious dad” face, but I had to look away to keep from cracking up. B: Cereal S: Zone bar L: Gyro (had a craving)

  • 30m
  • 3.20 miles
  • -----

Elliptical--the speedy one that actually feels like you're running.

  • 1h 00m
Kind of a blah day. Went to work, came home, went to the gym, went to sleep. B: YFG L: Salad D: Veg chili, cornbread, grilled chicken

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  • 72.50 miles
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55-mile leg of the NYC Century, plus the ride to and from the starting line.

The ride went pretty well today. By "pretty well" I mean "I didn't get hit by a car". From now on, all of my rides are going to be divided into those where I got hit by a car and those where I didn't. All of the ones where I don't get hit by cars will tie for "best ride ever". But seriously, it was ok. I last did this ride during my pre-triathlon life, and with my newfound love and appreciation for cycling, I have to say, I didn't enjoy it all that much. Too many turns, too many red lights and intersections, too many people. I missed the long stretches of highway in the Montauk Century. Granted I was on a MTB, but it should tell you something that I only averaged around 13mph. Imagine riding 70 miles at 13 mph. Sound like fun to you? It was nice to be back on the bike. Weather was perfect. So it wasn't a total loss. It wasn't without its drama, though. I got a flat on the way to the starting line. In the middle of nowhere. With no tube. Oops. I'll put the details in a RR which I'll do later. B: Kashi cereal & blueberries During ride: bagel w/pb &j, mini clif bar, orange segment, apple, 1/4 pb&j, 1/2 pita w/hummus. L: 1/2 turkey sandwich D: grilled chicken, corn on the cob, ice cream

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