Feeling a little tired today. Because of the renovations, my son can't sleep in his room, and there's no room anywhere in the house to put his mattress on the floor, so, he's sleeping in the bed with my wife, and Dad gets the couch. So, I'm resting, doing laundry, catching up on season 1 of Mad Men, which is my new favorite show. It's basically the Sopranos, only everyone wears a tie and there's no blood. My wife, after watching two straight episodes, called out to me, "Honey, can I have some kind of brown liquor on the rocks?" And that is why she's the coolest. :) PT at 7:20am tomorrow. Ugh. At least it's Friday. B: New Kashi cereal S: Clif bar L Salad D: chicken & ginger & veggies
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Here's the list: 1) Sliced Bread 2) SwimP3. Seriously, it's a really cool thing. It's weird you almost can't hear it out of the water, so you think the volume's too low, then you put your head under, and it's like you're wearing your iPod. So cool Downstairs windows are finished. I'm getting the bike on the 29th. Can't wait. I told a colleague of mine, also a triathlete, about the deal I got and he almost fell off his chair. Did a spin/elliptical brick at the gym, while watching Runway. B: Cereal L: Bad food with a vendor D: turkey sandwich

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Got SwimP3. Can't talk now. Must go swimming....! And I got the bike. By "got" I mean, "committed to buy it". They're going on vacation for a week and my apartment's getting renovated, so I won't get to pick it up for a week or so. But it's waiting for me... So psyched! Can't wait to ride it again!

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Not to make this longer than it already is: My parents are fine. They’re heading back to Houston today to check on their place, but neighbors have gone by it and have told them that it looks ok from the outside. They’re going to go in, clean up if needed take a few valuables, and then leave town for a few days until the power comes back on, assumming it's not already.. They’re still not sure about their place in Galveston, but the Eastern side, where they live, seems to have come through better than the Western side, so they’re hopeful. Probably won’t be able to get back there for a week or so. The bike test-drive went really well. I really didn’t feel the difference between 650 and 700 wheels as much as I thought I would. I’ve read that 650 wheels accelerate faster, and I could definitely feel it. I rode it with the race wheel (Rolf Vector Pro) and the tiny cassette (11-22, or something ridiculous like that), and I still managed to get up the fairly large hill in Prospect Park with no trouble, even in the saddle. The bike’s in impeccable shape. The frame is unmarred, the components are mostly new, including the D-A rear derailleur, which is an upgrade from what it was originally spec-ed with. So, Pros/Cons look like this: Pros: Aero frame, internal cable routing, D-A rear derailleur, comes with 2 sets of wheels, 2 cassettes (11-22, and 12-27) extra tubes, tires, fitting, and free tuneup next year. Price is $900 for everything. The bike is being purchased from a woman on my tri team whose husband is a professional bike mechanic. They’re great people. Cons: It’s not entirely new—the frame is 2001 and some of the components are also original. The wheels are 650c, which can be difficult to find tubes/tires/parts for. I’m less than crazy about the color scheme, which is blue with red/white stickers. I have to say though, empirically speaking, it is a really pretty bike. The thing is, it’s not as if the choice is “this bike vs a new P3” or something. It’s either this, or buy a new Nemesis from bikesdirect which is $100 more and I’d have to pay someone to assemble it and fit me. The Nemesis is Ultegra, and Ultegra vs D-A is not a huge difference for someone like me (MOP), but it’s a difference. It seems to me that the main “Pro’s” for the Nemesis are A) it’s new. B) it’s black. I suppose option 3 is to hope that something better comes along on Craigslist, but what’s the likelihood of getting a better deal than this? I think I’m going to pull the trigger on this one unless someone can give me a really compelling reason not to. I’m crossing my fingers that my SwimP3 comes today. I ordered the SwimP3 and the stuff from Nashbar on the same day, and the Nashbar stuff came on Saturday, but I’d had it sent to my apartment and the Swimp3 is coming to my office. My apartment is undergoing renovations, so I can’t get to any of my bike stuff, so I can’t even ride my MTB for a week or so. I’m going to hit the gym tonght and do a spinbike/elliptical “brick”. I want to RUUUUUUUUN! B: Kashi cereal. L: falafel sandwich D: sesame noodles, wonton soup

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Heading over to try out the bike at 10 today. My new pedals and computer came yesterday. I hope it fits, though I'll be just as happy with a new Nemesis as I will with the "vintage" Hilo. The race wheels are a huge enticement, though. My two concerns are--will it fit (it's 54 frame, which is fine for a road bike, but might be a little big for a tri-bike) and the fact that it has 650 wheels. The wheels don't bother me in terms of riding them, but they can be hard to find tubes/tires/spokes for and hard to replace if they get damaged or worn out. B: cereal

Looks like things turned out ok for my folks. They still aren't back in Houston (they highly reccomend Natchez MS as a travel destination, byw), but a friend of theirs went by their place and said it looks ok. They aren't sure about the Galveston place, though, but it seems as though the damage on the Eastern side of the island, where they are, wasn't as bad as predicted. It'll be a week or more before they can get back there to know for sure, but they're pretty relieved. We're having new windows put in next week, so we spent the day moving all our crap out of the living room up into the storage area where I keep my bikes. Not the best week to be bringing a new bike home, if the test ride goes ok tomorrow. Went swimming for an hour with my son, then went home and napped. (Me, not him.) B: pb on ww L: ww bagel w/cc, tomato & onion D: pasta
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My parents (who live in Galveston, TX, right in the path of Ike) have evacuated. That’s a little scary. They packed up some valuables, covered everything in the house with plastic, in case the windows blow, and headed out of town. Originally, their plan was to stay in Beaumont, TX until Bill (who’s my hero, by the way) PM’ed me to say that Beaumont is under a mandatory evac order also. My mom called Bill last night to get his advice and they decided to keep heading East to Natchez, MS. So, right now, my mom and stepfatrher are in some little hotel in Mississippi waiting to see if everything they own is going to be under water in 48 hours. Good times. I was looking at CNN this morning, and, when they show the path of Ike, you can’t even see the little dot on the map that represents Galveston, because the path of the storm is headed right over top of it. Physical therapy this morning—calf and Achilles are feeling better and better. Maybe I can start running next week. My SwimP3 and my new bike stuff have shipped, so maaaybe I’ll get one or both tomorrow. I’m supposed to go and try out the potential new bike on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for Galveston, folks. Looks like it’s going to be bad. B: egg on ww toast

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