• 5h 50m
  • 86.50 miles
  • 14.83 Mi/hr


I was beginning to think that things were conspiring against me for this event.

P brought his bike round the morning before asking if I could tighten up his headset. Couldn't do it so I undid the bolt thinking that a smaller spacer on top would allow me to get it clamped up. The bloody nut fell off & got stuck in this fork tube. He had to take it to the shop to get it done. My last comment was for him to call round when he'd got it done.

No sign of him by 3 pm so I jumped on my 'event' bike & trundled the 50 yards to his house to find the outcome. All done. Pulled my rear brake hard to lock the back wheel to flip it over to the direction I wanted to go & there was a great big CLUNK. WTF was that!?! Thought I'd broken the cable. Got it home to find that one of the outer housing stops was missing. The aluminium rivets had snapped. Luckily I had a spare from when the rear derailleur stop had done the same & the guy in the States, that I got the bike from, sent me a spare brake & a gear stop. Later, I found the original stop on P's lawn.

What a palarva trying to get the rivet gun head to seat properly on the rivet. Had to improvise & make some sort of spacer as the head was too big for the stop holes to get to the rivet. Took a while but eventually I got it mended, this time with steel rivets. Thought I'd check the other brake stop. Still there but I think I be better off replacing those rivets soon. What was going through my mind was that if it had let go when I'd been coming downhill at 30 - 40 mph & only got a front brake. Change of pants time!!!

Whilst checking I noticed that the rear derailleur stop was only hanging on by one rivet. I think I used one steel & one aluminium when I replaced that. The steel one was still there. At least I'd already made the spacer for the rivet gun so this repair only took a few seconds.

Panic over & bike working again.

Event morning - God knows what I ate wrong the day before but I couldn't keep off the loo. Not a case of the trots but as if I'd eaten nothing but fibre all day. I'd had jumbo porridge oats for breakfast, nothing unusual there, some of my homemade wholemeal bread at lunch & brown rice for tea. Oh, and a wholemeal roll before going to bed when I was making some to eat after the event. Looking at that, perhaps it was a tad on the fibre side. Made it to the event (50 Mins away) in R's car without having to ask him to stop but still had a 'squeeze' when I got there. If I was counting I reckon it could have been double figures. Phew!

One good thing was I reckon I was quite a few pounds lighter than I would have been.

So to the day. A very well oraganised event, if a little shy on numbers. Holme Moss climb was just a grind in places but surprisingly I was one of our little group of a dozen or so to reach the top. After, there were a few climbs that just went on forever. Scenic start & end but came round some more built up stuff in the middle where we got caught up in the Saturday traffic. I couldn't keep up with R & J on the long climb after the second feed stop. They got out of sight with another guy we'd been riding with.  When I got to the top there was a junction with an arrow pointing down, different to the one's we'd been following. Was a little disconcerting for a while until I came across another of 'ours'.

Thereafter it was just me alone for the last hour. Got terrible pains in both feet & thought at one stage that I'd have to get off & remove my shoes. I've had the problem before but not for some time now. Managed to unclip & shake my feet on some downhill sections which helped a bit but I wouldn't had liked to go too much further.

Got back to find that my mates bikes weren't around. Waited at the finish & P, the other non-climber, came in. It appears that the other two had followed the wrong arrow for quite a distance & had to backtrack once they'd realised their mistake. Around an extra six miles & a climb back up to the junction. That'll teach them to drop Mr Garmin.

Backside was sore & even have two very red marks the shape of my chamois on my cheeks. Such is life.

3108m 2 single ???climbs

  • 1h 00m
  • 16.40 miles
  • 16.40 Mi/hr
What was a, 'Get some blood flowing into my legs' ride turned out to be extremely demotivating. I didn't want to push it all the way but thought I'd at least try on some of the short banks. No, nothing there. Couldn't be bothered. I joked last Sunday that I'd hoped that I hadn't peaked a week too early. Now I feel that I've overtrained. Tired, lethargic & wondering if I should do the 45 mile route tomorrow.  Can't really but feel like it's going to be an ordeal.

  • 2h 39m
  • 39.80 miles
  • 15.02 Mi/hr

Out with J for a coupe of hills training for Saturday. I was thinking half way round that it should have been a flatter route. Hardly anything left by the time we got back, inspite of having a very long coffee stop.

1128m 2 single, 5 climbs

Entered for Saturday's sportive today. Only 3108 metres of climbing. More than I've ever done before.


  • 4h 40m
  • 63.50 miles
  • 13.61 Mi/hr

First hour R & I had P with us. Made up a route as we went along. Not one I would have pre-planned. Didn't feel too bad considering & we even had a blast at the end.

2207m 10 single, 1 double, 7 climbs

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