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My son Justin & I are scheduled to go on our long run this morning (1-1/2hrs - we'll see how that goes)... Should be an awsome run. Weather is perfect; 18 -20 degrees, slight breeze, lite snow, falling in HUGE snowflakes amkeing everything white again vs. the all encompusing grey which is EVERYWHERE.

Afterlast weeks 1-1/4hr run my feet were killing me! I'm not sure if it was from my mechanics of running OR equipment failure. I'm leaning toward the latter... if I was getting pounded on by some 245 pound FAT @$$ I'd give up to after 250miles of abuse. We'll see what happens today. More after our run.

UPDATE - Justin arrived early today WOO, WOO!!! Took off from the house and quickly got into a good pace. Excatly at the two mile mark, Justin crashes... Cramps so bad in his upper abdomen the guys in tears... not crying just real bad pain. We headed home at a slow walk and after 10 minutes he's feeling better. We get home and he's doing even better. Todays run was a BUST. I'll go out tomorrow morning by myself. I've got the whole clan coming home tomorrow for a good old fashioned home made by DAD Italian dinner!!! Can't wait to start cooking!

I'm really starting to get bummed out... been tring to lose a few...ust a few pounds and can't seem to shed the weight. Average caloric intake on a daily basis is less than 2000. I'm sure I'm eating the "right" foods as the "fast foods" have left my vocabulary for the most part. Were eating WAY, WAY healthier at home to the surgrin of the kids. I'm excersizing and since I so damn competitive even with myself I know my work outs are good... still no success. Actually since I started this adventure 1-1/2 years ago I've gained 10 pounds!  Ya,Ya,Ya...muscle weighs more than fat. So freak'in what! I wanted to trim down, instead I've gotten bigger! Don't know what the heck is going on but something has got to give!
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