Got about 3" of new fluff stuff over night, the weather girl says we'll be getting 3 - 5" more by the time the front is finished going through. Ya know...drivers sure get "stupid" after not driving in snow for just a few crazy. 
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My spine seems to be feeling a bit better today. Think we'll give running a try today. Can't stand not doing anything. Although I did get some excercise in over the weekend.

Did about 60 reps of 5oz curls with some really nice Merlot Saturday afternoon/evening while cooking and doing the laundry( my wife hurt her back as well, only worse...way worse. Just ask her... she'll tell ya so!!!). Sunday was a "recovery day" from all the excercise. LOL. The Merlot seems to have done the trick for my back trouble. I can live with that kind of self medication!

O.K. - went for a ssslow run today (actually, last night as I'm updating Tuesday morning). Just kind of feeling out the "old" body, making sure my back was infact feeling better. Everything seems to OK, so once this NEW SNOW leaves, stops, melts or what ever its going to do and its SAFE to run again I'll be hitting it hard!

Slipped on ice today. Back is out of wack and I'm finding it hard to stand and walk. Doing the heat & ice game but that doesn't seem to be helping. If I'm not beter by Monday it'll be a trip to the chiropractor.
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Got a heat wave going on... it's 20 degrees this morning and only 1/2 inch of new snow.


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