With all the snow we've gotten here this past week I haven't done a darn thing as ffar as training goes and I'm allowing my work schedule to get out of control. I'll be starting next week fresh and I'll be controlling my schedule NOT work!!!


Visited the Chiropractor yesterday. He had me on the table for 35 minutes adjusting. T1-T7, L4,5,6,7, right hip, left knee and sacrim were all goofedd up. Heet for the neck, ice for mid to lower back, ice & heat for the knee and NO running for the next 5 -7 days minimium.

I'm really starting to love this "late" season snow & ice. LOL


Snowing like crazy today. It started around 7am and hasn't stopped yet. We already have about 3" of new stuff on the ground and more on the way! 

Well, I'll be going to my Witch Doctor aka Chiropractor tonight after work. My knee, back and neck are out of alignment and its time to get fixed. After which I will again use my own method of "relaxation".



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