OK... Enough of this B.S. I'm back in this full on! It is time to take the bull by the horns and get my butt to work. No more are the days of pushing off a workout because "I" feel the need to put in 14 hour days. There will always be something that needs my attention at work no matter how many hours I spend at it. Starting tomorrow its 8 hour days and a jog or swim in the morning. It's time to regain MY life as I choose it to be!!!



You can argue with God... but you'll never win! 

  • Calories: 1434 From fat:322.45 (32.6g, 22.49%), From Carbs:663.81 (151g, 46.29%), Protein:447.74 (101.85g, 31.22%)
Attempted to do some running yesterday but my "tender toes" are sitll quite upset with me. I ran for less than 1/2 mile before stopping due to the tremendous discomfort. I've drained the blisters under my toe nails twice now and kept them taped down to no avail. I'm really hoping next week will be better. If the rain lets off today I just might bee able to sneek off and get some biking in.

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