• 18m
  • 1.81 miles
  • 09m 56s /Mi
Justin is supose to be coming over this afternoon for a run. With sunday being my 1st "1/2 Mary" I think I'll do a short run today(2-3 miles) and another short run Friday (about the same), rest saturday, then have fun on "race day" ( waddle day for me...what the heck...Right?)

  • 46m 17s
  • 4.11 miles
  • 11m 16s /Mi

I've had NO ambition the past few days to do ANYTHING... Justin's coming home this afternoon for a few hours, so I'm sure we'll get some kind of run in today.

I'm a bit concerned about my 1/2 marathon scheduled for next sunday. This bug has really kicked my butt. I'm confident I'll finish, I'm not sure though if it will be in the time frame I'm shooting for. I guess there's not reason to fuss about it all. It'll be, what it'll be! Nothing more, nothing less.

Just got back from our run...if you can call it that. I can't belive how crappie I feel.

Had some kind of bug the past 4 days. Still feeling quite weak so tomorrow we"ll give running a go.

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