Wounds are getting better ... I'm hopeful that week ater next I'll be back running... even if I'm bandaged & Taped. I gotta get some training in befpre my June 8th event even if its very cursery.

Well Guys, Today is the first day I've been able to walk with LOOSE shoes on since last Saturday as my feet are all wrapped in gauze.

Reason .... Yours truely who we'll refer to as " DUMB @$$" for the next few weeks, failed to wear rubber overshoes while pouring his new concrete driveway and the lime in the concrete mix gave me 2nd & 3rd degress burns on my feet. To say the least things have been very uncomfortable. I've been real good about washing out the wounds twice daily ( which is very uncomfortable) and putting bacitration ointment on to reduce the chance of infection setting in. Haven't gone to the doctor yet as everything is looking better as of now and I have an appointment scheduled for next week anyway for other issues.

My biggest concern, other than infection is I might not be ready or able to participate in my first scheduled event June 7th if these wounds don't heal any faster than they are.

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