Meet with my doctor today ... big topic of discussion was the feet. While the doctors were busy pulling off the scabbed over area to "allow good skin growth" they found one of the wounds actually went down to the tendons on the front of my foot and the soft fleshy area between my ankle and heal. This was not a comfortable proceedure to say the least.

End result after tring to "out reason" 2 doctors... NO swimming,biking or running for 3 weeks and NO open water swims for at least 5 week or wounds are healed. (by healed, my interpetation not theirs, is scabs have fallen off and no raw flesh.) So that pretty much ^@$&'s up my season. I may be able to get in a "sprint" in August but as far as my racing plans go for June and July all bets are off and my 1/2 Iron will most likely have to wait for next year.

Man I bummed out!

Wounds are getting better ... I'm hopeful that week ater next I'll be back running... even if I'm bandaged & Taped. I gotta get some training in befpre my June 8th event even if its very cursery.

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