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OK so heres the story on the food poisoning... Before leaving for work in the morning I set out some steaks to thaw for dinner that my wife was to put in the fridge later that morning. Only a couple of problems. 1) I forgot to tell her that I left them out at 3AM when I left for the office. 2) she slept that day untill 2PM. She claims they were still "frosty" when she found them. So I cooked them while I sauted some mushrooms(canned) I guess I was distracted while opening the cans of mushrooms because I don't recall hearing the "vacum" sound.  Dinner was tasted good the first time, however, the 2 -12 time... not so much. I guess I'm not sure which of the factors were the real issue but I'm offically blaming my wife for sleeping so late. End of story.

FOOD poisoning by my own hands... STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!!!!!!
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Blew back out monday. don't really know how unless it was due to some of the crappy roads and reckless drivers just made me over tense. Went to Chiropractor twice wednesday and again today. feeling better. Think I'll do a short jog tomorrow morning before I go help my son re-tile his bahroom.

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