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on trainer.

i'm afraid after watching "super-size me", reading "fast food nation", and having a better understanding of nutrition has forever tainted my vision about the fast food industry, specifically mcdonalds.  the commericals they run these days "promoting healthy lifestyles" with their food just seems like a way to sell their product.  i don't think they really care about our health, they are just back pedaling because if people see them in a negative light, people won't buy their stuff.  they may have some feeling of social responsibility, but i think a majority of their motivation is to make money.

and then that idea begins to spread into the food industry as a whole.  kids cereals made with whole grain like lucky charms?  well, they may start with whole grain, but it is still the same reprocessed sugar coated junk.  don't get me wrong, these foods are delicious, but they are engineered to be.  and i'm not bashing the hard working people that produce these foods, i don't like the misleading advertising. 

people will eat what they want to, and that is fine, but when someone is eating something under the misguideance that is healthy and advertisers intentionally lead people down that path in order to sell their stuff, that seems wrong.  of course, who is going to buy something called "super-reprocess engineered high sugar o's!"  meh, i'll stop now.  it's nothing you guys haven't heard already.


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stayed up late moving appliances and cleaning behind them.  sleep was very necessary.  i am going to run this afternoon, but hopefully i can stop sweating before i go back to work.

i am not going to sign up for IMWI '09.  i compared training time for the ironman vs the half iron from last year and there is a HUGE time commitment difference.  perhaps i will postpone the ironman indefinetly.  we'll see, but on the plus side, i think i'm going to sign up for the half piggy again!

guess who's been selected to attend a conference in sunny san fransisco?  yeah, that's right, me!  i love going to visit places i cannot spell properly (which doesn't narrow it down).

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on trainer

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i am 90% sure i will not be signing up for IMWI for '09.  the girls are little, my job has a lot of hours, and i have limited vacation time.  it would be better if i gave it one more year, libby will be older, i will have three weeks of vacation instead of two, and i can do another half next summer to see how much that training takes it's toll.  on the other hand, i don't want to be gone a lot next summer and then do it again, moreso, in the summer of '10 (which is weird to say).  haven't competely rulled it out, but pretty close.


how about we focus on IMWI '08?  let's go mooo-ers!!!  less than two weeks!!

fun fact: mrs. noz has fallen out of an intertube and off an ottoman.  both feats seem unremarkable until it is revealed that both times she fell without spilling a drop of beer.

i'd like to say hello.

it is just a beautiful day today as it was a beautiful weekend.  weather is just perfect.  if i could only get out of my warm and cozy bed and get on the bike, i might be able to have some confidence going into the oly tri in five weeks.

okay, so i was trying to hammer out 10 on the hotel treadmill on saturday.  i had a towel over the read out so that i didn't have to watch every 0.01 mile and i turned my watch off because the distances were not jivin'.  after about an hour or so, it just shut down!  NO!!!  i screamed and my brother-in-law walked into the fitness room laughing.  i got it started again but this time it only lasted about ten minutes.  i renounced the treadmill and did a little warm down on the exercise bike.  i do not like treadmills.

lounge against the machine!

i called george wyth and they said their water is a-okay!  so, looks like i'll be rockin' the oly next month.  i hope i don't get sick ;)

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on crummy exercise bike

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on crummy treadmill

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