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run with b-i-l

the family noz is out in virginia for a well deserved vacation.  this was the first flight for princess #2 and i will admit, i was expecting a huge hassle with kids and flying.  turns out that while i was right, i was completely wrong.
so our flight leaves from cedar rapids at 5pm.  the night before i was exausted from getting things good to go at work before i left.  so saturday i wake up and we have nothing packed or ready to go.  rach had a run to get in and woke up early to do so.  the girls slowly wake up and are in good spirits, but i know something is up.  the girls get colds pretty easily, princess #2 is goobery and #1 has a pinkish left eye.  the boss gets home from the run and repeats her desire to take them to the doctor.  i relent and start cleaning the house.
the girls come back with less than exciting news.  princess #1, after getting tubes put in a month before, has a huge swollen red ear.  the doctor also said that if we flew that we would risk rupturing her eardrum and that he would not recommend traveling.  awesome.  we call the ent for a second opinion, the thought of eatting $1200 in plane tickets dancing in my head.  the ent calls us back and says no worries, everything will be allllllright, take the trip and we'll see you when we get back.  xxoo, the ent.
so we pack up super rush rush, give the wiener (dog) a kiss goodbye, and we drive on out to the airport.  get to the airport and we have many a bags to haul around.  the tickets are through delta but through northwest?  whatever.  so after a few laps we get to where we are going.  going through security was a joy, and then we are ready to board the plane. 
finding seats together was a challenge, the ticket gal said there was nothing she could do, and hinted that she didn't care.  when we got on the plane, there was already a couple in our seats.  they were a "couple" and were giving us quite a bit of additude.  nice.  luckly, there were much much cooler people on board and we all got to sit together.  thank you pella students!
here is it, the moment of dread.  trapped in a plane subjecting everyone to the screams of my sad and uncomfortable baby.  door is shut, no turning back now.  only an hour to detroit, bring the pain......and there was nothing.  nothing really at all.  my girls are the best travelers ever.  becca was happy as a clam in her own seat and libby was just fine being handed back and forth between the boss and i.  my misconceptions about a painful flying process was way, way off.
quick stop in detroit.  long enough to drop a quick $30 at fuddruckers.  gee, thanks guys.  but then was another hour plane ride to roanoke.  on this ride was another baby who didn't travel so well.  compared to this kid, mine were brought up in the vatican.  another uneventful ride and we were in virginia!  becca was full of the sleepy crazies as it was about midnight, but it was okay.  sarah and lance were there to pick us up, and a short ride later, we were at grandma and papa's house.
and so here we are.  a full week of no work responsibilities.  i am so proud of all my girls, they are rockstars.  i'm going to get 10 in and have some granola.  cake you later.
swim a lap

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house of pain!

almost wussed out of running this morning.  five miles at race pace didn't seem all that exciting.  but, got it done and just as i was finishing the hard stuff i ran into a friend jogging with his dog.  he is a really fast runner but always changes his route to run with me.  super nice guy.  anyway, we set up to be run buddies on wednesdays which is awesome since i know i will get faster by just trying to keep up with him. 


now all i have to do is stay focused for eight hours and then i forget all my troubles and get happy.  vacation starts tonight!

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trainer theater - sw - rots

trying to stay focused.  must stay focused. only two days of work left until vacation.  focus.

i was thinking about what it would look like if darth sideous sent out an email about order #66.  sounded funny, but did not seem funny at all writing it out.  meh.

registered for TOMRV!!!!!!!!!!

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10° with 45 mph wind gusts?  kiss my a$$ mother nature, i am doing the elliptical downstairs.  i know other people have it much much worse, but i am completely burned out of winter.  blah.

i've been given the green light for tomrv as long as the boss can escape for some fun in chicago.  that only seems fair.

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trainer theater - sw - rots

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on vacation all of next week.  fighting to stay mentally invested.  your on notice virginia, save some dip we're coming to your house.


training for the half mary is so far so good.  i realize that i really haven't done a lot of hard interval type training with biking or running.  it has mostly been about the distance.  i'm not going to go too overboard with it since the him is on the list, but still, feels good to accomplish something i don't do a whole lot.

[rant] downside of lifting after work = high schoolers listening to scream death metal.  what the h man?  i do enjoy some screamy songs myself, however i don't subject everyone to listen to it.  i can barely count the reps i am doing.  have you seen star trek II where khan is putting those wormy things in chekvos ears and he is screaming in pain?  of course you don't, what are you, 12?  anyway, that's what your music is like.  if you have to yell to talk to the next person, it is too loud....your music sucks. [/rant]

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i have not caught up with daylight savings yet.

man, work is just supercalfragalistexpealafricki'mbusy.  i have had zero time to play on the internet today.  what the h man?  where are the priorities ;)

watchmen - meh.  wasn't all that great.  if i never saw it again i would be just okay with that.  if you have read the book, you pretty much know what happens.  and it is not like a harry potter kinda thing where you have your imagination ruined, this is the exact same thing.  not for kids by the way, not in a million years.


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