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went to bed last night at 9pm, woke up refereshed and ready to go this morning.  oh, if only that was the case every day.


april fool's 5k this weekend.  may be snow coming.  if it is all icy and snow, there is no sense trying for a pr, i need to get a costume.

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trainer theater - sw rots

with march deliverables hanging over my head, my fears have been realized as little was done in my absence.  i'm sure they worked on other things, well, i guess i am not sure at all.

i think i've got to figure out a new way to do things.  my current system is not cutting it.  it seems like i have little time to do anything.  tired and unmotivated.  hopefully the pending shake up at work will make my job easier.

but enough complaining.  don't turn on the lights cause i don't wanna see...

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playing catch up at work today.  yippie.


 had to choose to stay at work or go home.   tons of stuff to do, but i went home.  and so i got to ride bikes with my daughter tonight.  i win.

back home yesterday, have been trying to catch up on sleep ever since.  the ride home was okay, tsa made the boss ditch $40 in hair care products which she was not too pleased about.  princess #1 and #2 did very well again on the plane.  now i have to get back into the swing of things.  him training starts next week, so its time to step it up yo.
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if there is flat land in virginia, i haven't found it.

vacation has been awesome!  the boss and i ditched the kids and went to dc for a couple days.  barely scratched the surface, but we hit the holocoust, international spy, and natural history musuems.  also saw the monuments at night.  had an amazing time and ate many a delicious food.  going back home is going to be tough.  what is it back in iowa....not too bad i see.  alright!

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