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on trainer.

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400, 4x100, 300, 3x100, 200, 2x100
long rpe3, 100 rpe 8

200 wd

got a whole six hours sleep, i feel like a new man.  gotta try and get my HIM training in and not go insane from the messed up sleep schedule.  i know there are lots of people who have it worse than me, but this is my blog, not theirs.  nenars.

the new boss told me that he is starting p90x.  "i've heard that is pretty intense." says i.  "well, when i do something it is 100% or nothing."  he says.  "no worries there."  

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hey, look! i got a run in!

got called in sunday morning at 0100.  got called in this morning at 0345.  when will the madness end?  did not get my weekend run in as it was pouring rain and i could not see straight because of sleep deprevation.  hopefully i will cram it in today and get some sleep.  could be worse and there is an end to this.  just got to stay awake in the meetings and everything will be alright.

no doubt is back?  h yeah!
...if i could find my reasoning, i'd pray to lose...

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i did something! i'm somebody!

holy crap people.  last few days have been super crazy.  start with my project not looking groovy requiring many a people to put their chemistry thinking caps on to save the batch.  luckly, this place employes some pretty smart people and in 16 short hours, they came up with a path forward, just made for a looooong day.  

top that off with the client came yesterday and we met with them.  good people.  i was fried all of yesterday.  about 3 pm i was under strick orders from my director to "get the hell out of here and get some sleep".  

project is shooting my training time, and more importantly my bt time, to crap.  i may have to rethink when i visit bt, the mornings are super crazy any more.

thanks for checking in on me kids, i'll say hi to you guys in a bit, i've got three meetings to attend this morning ;)

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run with the gazelle

merciful crap.  just hang on noz, hang on.

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