Empty Logs Well, the secret is out. My logs have been empty for nearly a full 3 weeks now. It's not that I don't like training or BT, it's just that I haven't had time. Let me fill everyone in [who checks this anyway]; During September/October my job [as a Real Property Appraiser] slowed wayyyy down. Like, to a crawl. Like 2 files on one check - and one of them was a $75 final inspection [I get paid every 2 weeks]. Real bad. So the wife and I decided that it was just going to be a long, slow, cold winter at our house and I'd better get on the ball for a part-time job before all the good ones were snatched up by the seasonal crowd. I took on a part-time job working at a local grocery store stocking shelves overnight from 10PM to 6:30AM 4 nights a week. I've only gotten off at 6:30AM I think once? And it was on Thanksgiving morning. Typically I'm off by at least 8, some days 7:30. From there I either come home and sleep for an hour before getting up and going to my appraiser job or come home, change, and head back out the door to my appraiser job. Then by about 3 or 4 [or in today's case 5, but I didn't work last night] I'm back home and getting ready to crawl into bed, just to start it all over again the next day. It wouldn't be so bad if I was super slow at my appraising job, but it seems like simultaneously when I started my part-time job my appraising job picked up and now I have 22 files for the month of November. Working 60-70 hour weeks is really starting to get old and I'm ready for it to be done. It's dumb because I actually hope inside that appraising will slow down, when really I should hope that it stays steady or picks up so that I can quit my part-time job for good. As of today I have a little bit of breathing room - I'm all caught up except one file which will become the bane of my existence because it's a duplex in a small town and there are literally NO comparable sales anywhere. All that to say I haven't had much time for training as of late. If I'm not working I'm eating, and while I'm eating I'm wishing I were asleep which is how I spend the rest of my time. I slept 13 hours last night from 6:30PM to 7:30AM and haven't slept at all today but I have to work tonight at 10:00 and again all day tomorrow. I'm going to do the December Swim Challenge so I'll need to figure something out. I mentioned casually to my boss at the grocery store that I was thinking about dropping a day so I could actually stand working there and she told me yesterday that she didn't want me to have to do that and that "we'll talk about it later". So hopefully "later" is tonight and we can come to a reasonable agreement. Time to eat now! Leave lots of comments [don't expect me to get to them very soon] and if you're the type to pray I think you have read plenty that you can pray for.

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