• 3h 23m 50s
  • 45.08 miles
  • 13.27 Mi/hr
7AM: Biked from the Wabash trail head to Malvern and back. Quite the experience. About 16 miles in Ron, out of nowhere, totally divebombs onto the trail, smashing his shoulder and probably a couple ribs. We examined the scene of the incident and have concluded that a branch probably taco'ed his wheel and caused him to go down. There were no ruts in the road and he wasn't fooling around, so it was really weird to see him go down. After several minutes of letting him get a head about him we pursued onward until he started to feel faint and we stopped again and called for a rescue ride. We had to get to a cross street so he rode another two miles one-handed which was quite a feat considering the debris on the trail. When we stopped he ended up falling over onto his remaining good side into some tall grass. His shoe stayed clipped in and he toppled over. We finally got him into a vehicle and on his way to the ER. As far as the rest of the ride we managed a pretty good clip. It was only a few miles to Malvern so we got there and ate at Casey's [nothing else was open- Labor Day. D'oh!]. I had two donuts and a chocolate milk. We got going again and made our way toward home. Stopped a couple different times for phone stuff to see if we could hear anything about Ron, but otherwise pushed onward. Felt fine body-wise, was just hurting in the rear-end due to limited saddle time in the past week+. This was my longest ride by over 15 miles! W00t w00t!

  • 3h 42m 16s
  • 20.00 miles
  • 11m 07s /Mi
20-mile run at the end of a 40-mile week! I was feeling crappy around mile 10 and it was making me nervous, but it went away after a while. We ran the first 8 miles pretty fast, probably a 10:20 pace or so. About mile 17 I was starting to feel it, but it wasn't huge bigtime feel it like it has been in the past. It wasn't locked-up calves and quads. It was more psychological and tired legs from the high volume week. Cam pushed me through the last 2 miles, I wanted to walk so bad and I think I snuck in about 20 seconds worth until he came back and kicked me in the butt again. Pretty proud of myself for the high volume week and the really good pace for the 20 miles. I won't have to run that far again for at least 3 weeks!

  • 47m 56s
  • 5.00 miles
  • 09m 35s /Mi

4.42.9 - 146
9.23.8 - 160
4.38.9 - 165
4.42.7 - 168
5.00.6 - 168
5.04.5 - 169
5.08.9 - 168
5.13.1 - 169
4.01.1 - 171 [[email protected]]

Felt Really good today. Nothing bothered me. Took the HRM for the fun of it. HRs are averages for the splits. My HRM watch is too confusing- I want a different more user-friendly one. My total time according to the watch was 48:44. I reset it when I started so I know I started at zero, but when I cycled through to the end of the splits [and when you add them up] it comes up to 47:56. Stoo-pid! Maybe a GPS-enabled one? Time to start saving my pennies!

  • 1h 49m 40s
  • 10.00 miles
  • 10m 58s /Mi

01. 10.07
02. 10.05
03. 10.19
04. 10.31
05. 11.15
06. 12.26
07. 10.09
08. 12.06
09. 11.06
10. 11.32

Hard 10 miles today. Supposed to take it easy but I'm an idiot and I go all or nothing on this crap. Just my sprinter nature I guess. Took an apple cinnamon hammer gel at mile 4 and it wasn't too bad. A little thick and a little odd sweetner taste, not to mention it made my water taste funny as well... Anyway, I think it kicked in around mile 7 since it's my 3rd fastest split. Calves were really hurting toward the end. Patella tendon on the left knee toward the beginning. Going to ice now...

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