• 24m 56s
  • 1550.00 yards
  • 01m 37s /100 yards

W/U - 5x50, odds breathe normal, evens bi-lateral
1. 1:30.86
2. 1:36.50
3. 48.25
M/S - 2x500, RPE 5, 8
1. 1:35.43
2. 1:40.25
3. 1:40.93
4. 1:42.26
5. 1:40.24
1. 1:28.19
2. 1:34.92
3. 1:29.76
4. 1:33.94
5. 1:27.02
C/D - 300 easy
1. 1:41.48
2. 1:45.43
3. 1:40.69

Average swim. Those fasties in the 2nd 500 was when I picked up the pace for 50 yards. I'm surprised at how well I recovered, usually I struggle with that. If I take off fast then I usually die out and have a horrible remainder of a set, but this time I sped up a couple times and held on. It was nice.

HA! "Average" swim. That second 500 was a PR for me by 10 seconds! w00t! I didn't even realize it. I thought it was a couple tenths slower than my fastest but I went back and checked and it is a new world personal record!

  • 2h 05m 55s
  • 35.26 miles
  • 16.80 Mi/hr

Good ride! Thought I went farther than that but I guess that's a pretty good speed for that kind of distance!

I raised my seat height by about 1 inch, maybe more, so I think that helped a LOT. The first part of the ride out to Bennet [5 or 6 miles] my hands were getting numb/buzzy, but that went away. My legs for that portion were hurting on the outside/back, near the hamstrings, but not quite the IT band area either. I dunno. That went away too. Then probably 25 mi. in I started getting a numbing pain in my lower back. It went away after a bit too. Just all part of getting used to the new position I think.

I really need to get a ride in today but with the weather doing what it's doing that may not happen. I looked on our LBS website and there is a "recovery ride" hosted by the UNL Cycling Team on Mondays at 6:00 so if things are clear I'll head down there for that, otherwise I might end up running 3 miles with my wife and seeing how that goes. Looks like our guy Valverde fell to 4th in the Tour today after Stage 3.

  • 26m 45s
  • 1800.00 yards
  • 01m 29s /100 yards

W/U - 400
1. 1:26.86
2. 1:36.32
3. 1:39.37
4. 1:38.76
M/S - 10x100 leaving every 2:00
01. 1:17.67
02. 1:18.30
03. 1:20.32
04. 1:16.56
05. 1:20.70
06. 1:22.21
07. 1:18.43
08. 1:21.07
09. 1:22.27
10. 1:23.92
C/D - 400 easy
1. 1:45.03
2. 1:46.06 -
3. 1:46.06 - cool!
4. 1:43.69

My first 100 under 1:20! Several of them! I would have gone a lot slower on the latter half if I'd have stuck to my 2:00 interval thing but this 72 year-old man who's training for my first sprint asked me some questions between reps so I obliged him. He and the lady he was with are from Wichita. Everyone's from Wichita! That's why I go from 1:20 to 1:16 and 1:22 to 1:18. You really see the fatigue set in on the 10th repeat. This is my 6th highest swim yardage week ever, but 9th highest swim volume week, so that means I'm getting faster! As if it wasn't painfully obvious already.

Time for a yellow square day. We had Brynn's parents and their friends over for lunch today. Grilled out burgs, dogs, brats, and smoked sausage, and also had salad, chips, and dessert. It was a very good meal! Very filling. Now I think we're going to take a nap and then get up and get ready for church. After that we're going to have coffee with our friends and their friend who is in town from Wichita. Hopefully instead of coffee we can talk them into getting ice cream! We have a little favorite hole-in-the-wall of ours called Ice Cream Shoppe that we like to go to every so often. I don't really like coffee unless it's 40% milk and 40% sugar so we'll see how things play out. Train hard, friends!
Bike #1
  • 3h 30m 48s
  • 51.28 miles
  • 14.60 Mi/hr

Total climb: 866 feet

Pretty good ride. I was sitting around at the beginning not knowing when to leave so I asked a guy if we just take off whenever. He went and asked the guys who were having everyone sign the waiver and they said to leave whenever, so the guy I asked said, "I'll ride with you." I saw that he had a MTB and thought, "Yeah you'll ride with me all right," but he did hang with me for quite a while. On the way out we must've had the wind at our backs because we were cruising along effortlessly. We got behind some people going 12-13mph and stayed there for a few miles just taking it easy, then we went around them and picked up our pace to around 16-17mph. We turned right onto HWY 92 and Renee can vouch for me on this - it's hilly! My buddy started to die on me but we pulled through and headed South through Brainard. Stopped and went pee at the bar - there was no lock on the door and no stall so I peed in the urinal next to a guy who was taking a dump. That was interesting. Took off from there and headed south again toward Dwight, there were plenty more hills to ride on here too. I should've told Renee about this stretch of road [if I'd have known about it] because there was NO traffic, it was a very smooth road [albeit no shoulder], and hills very similar to IMKS. Anyway, my guy really hit the wall then but I hung back with him. He originally was only planning to do the 22 miles but since he was feeling so good at the turn-around he decided to do the 51. We've all been there, I'm sure. He really bit the dust hard and I felt like he needed me to pull him through to the sag stop that was at the 10-mile mark. We got there, I ate 3 fig newtons, one with peanut butter slathered on top, and two peanut cookies. I told him I was going to push it hard on the way back in and he shooed me on. I pushed really hard even though my legs were about 50% fatigued and came in just under a 15mph avg. I was hoping for a 16 avg since about 30 miles were flat and steady rollers, but with waiting for him on all the hills it brought me down. That's okay. I think I'm going to go ride with my wife later to get some more good bike work in and then take tomorrow off since it will be kind of a busy day. Maybe I'll swim, who knows.

Bike #2
  • 1h 26m 22s
  • 18.80 miles
  • 13.06 Mi/hr

Rode with Brynn to Lincoln Soutwest HS and back home. Man alive, going up HWY 2 back home SUCKS. There a slight downhill after 70th St. then you go uphill for 3/4 mile.

  • 22m 43s
  • 2.32 miles
  • 09m 47s /Mi

Total Climb: 75 feet

HARD T-run after that bike. I ate about 10-15 grapes while I was waiting for Brynn to get done riding. Then we took off UPHILL out of our neighborhood and ran at a really good clip. Walked for a minute or two in there so that's a REALLY good pace for me on a T-run. If I can average a 9:45 pace on both my runs at the duathlon on July 13 I'll be very happy.

  • 25m 57s
  • 1650.00 yards
  • 01m 34s /100 yards

W/U - 4x75, last 25 of each/backstroke
1. 62.71
2. 60.94
3. 62.22
4. 60.95
M/S - 3x400, RPE 3, 7, 9
1. 1:36.34
2. 1:41.75
3. 1:44.57
4. 1:40.93
1. 1:33.11
2. 1:35.50
3. 1:39.88
4. 1:37.45
1. 1:25.00
2. 1:31.13
3. 1:31.93
4. 1:30.95
C/D - 150 easy
100 - 1:46.82
150 - 2:41.62

Pretty good swim today, nobody shared my lane and nobody threw a ball in my lane. I think that's the first time in months! Feels like a Friday today and I almost said "Fridays are usually good for not having many people at the gym." Maybe it's because everyone has tomorrow off? The store was packed around 2:00PM today, and again when I went to pick up some things tonight at 8:30. Everybody's gearing up for the weekend! It's good to be a grocer right now.

Since nobody got the math problem right yesterday, check my swim from Tuesday for the answer. I swim 1:32-1:41 consistently, however I'm always over 2:00 kicking, and always over 1:45 pulling. What the deuce? How does that math even make sense?!

  • 42m 50s
  • 11.70 miles
  • 16.39 Mi/hr

Rode to the mailbox thing near Wal-Mart and mailed our water payment, then went out to 148th & back home. It was HOT. And windy. Cross-winds are the worst. I'd rather pay the time riding into the wind to have the benefit of being pushed going the other way.

Today is Jeremy_424's birthday! Here's your math problem for today: 2:25/100yd kick + 1:48/100yd pull = x:xx/100yd free ---------------------------------------- My bike mileage for the year takes me from our house to Buffalo, NY! Hopefully by the end of August I will have visited Soretaint out in Medical Lake, WA!

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