• 1h 58m 27s
  • 29.56 miles
  • 14.97 Mi/hr

HR monitor was going wacko and showing in the low 200s when I knew I was maaaybe 160.

Also, blew out another spoke on that piece of junk rear wheel. What did I get, another 88 miles out of it after getting the last one replaced? Ridonk.

Woke up today with a very painful feeling in the left side of my left leg, reminiscent of ITBS. Very strange - I do have the occasional ITBS "twinge" in my right leg but never in my left. I'll call it "Jeremy's Syndrome" since he had the same thing happen to him a couple weeks ago. ------------ Hahaha I convinced the little boys to "ride the motorcycle" and give me an IT band massage with their bony butts!

  • 28m
  • 1550.00 yards
  • 01m 49s /100 yards

  • 57m 30s
  • 5.62 miles
  • 10m 14s /Mi

Whew! Got another long-ish run out of the way. Ran on the trail out to Fireworks and back. Tried to negative split it but failed miserably and actually ran about 60-90 seconds slower on the way back. Which should be expected - there's a net loss in elevation on the way out because you're heading to Holmes Lake and of course what you lose on the way out you have to gain on the way back. Started to feel it in my knees around mile 4. I'm glad my body has adjusted well to the rigors of training and I'm able to put out numbers like this this early on in my training (have I even run 100 miles yet since I started back up? I'll have to look). My 10K PR is in the 58-59 minute range so I'm thinking I'm going to make that a goal this year as well, to eclipse that baby. I like how after a half mile I still felt as good as when I had just started. And at the 2.5 mile mark I was still feeling good. I did walk three times, once after 10 minutes, again after 20 minutes, and again after the tunnel when you take a hard left and go up a decent grade. I was starting to get pooped so I figured I'd walk up the 0.1 or 0.2 miles that it was instead of causing myself to go *pop*. Knees are a little sore here about 3 hours post-workout, and I'm thinking they'll be a little sore tomorrow until I can get them in the water and get them worked out a little bit. Phew! One of two long workouts this week in the books.

Hmm... just looked at the results for the past few years of the Papillion Mayor's triathlon and it looks like times are getting slower and slower. When I did it, the winners were finishing in around 1:01-1:03 ish. The times just went up from there, with last year's winner finishing in 1:08! With times like those, and assuming I'd be in better shape this year than I was in 2009, I think I could possibly crack the top 10 overall which would be pretty sweet! So yeah, I'm thinking about signing up for that. It's a month after IMKS which would give me some time to rest/recover and then get in a few speed workouts. ========================= Oh did I mention that yesterday was a planned rest day? Just got back from lunch with my wife which was after the court hearing for the case of our foster kids. The county attorney is going to file for termination of parental rights of the biological parents but the counsel of the bio mom wanted to call all kinds of witnesses up and waste a bunch of time. So court was basically calling a witness up to the stand, examining her, cross-exam, re-cross, re-cross, etc. for an hour. Then the judge realized what the counsel's intentions were with more witnesses and he said we're out of time and the next hearing is in April. So that's dumb. At least it's scheduled for 2-1/2 hours which should allow for enough time for everything to get done, but the trouble is that if they terminate and the mom pleads not guilty, then they have to go to trial, and all of this stuff has to be re-hashed and repeated. Just a huge waste of everyone's time. Once the children have been placed outside the home for 15 months then rights can be terminated at any time. They've been out of their home since February 2010. I'd say we're a little overdue for this, but I get the state's predicament in that they have to show beyond a reasonable doubt that they did EVERYTHING they could to facilitate reunification and that the ONLY reason for termination is because of the bio parents, not because of any other factors.

Just ordered a Garmin 305 Quick Release kit. Here's hoping it doesn't quick release itself right under someone's car tire! With such favorable reviews on Amazon it seems like that's the exception and not the norm. The "most helpful critical review" was a guy with a mountain bike complaining that he lost his head unit in the bushes while riding on the MTB trail. Uhh.. hello?! hahaha this is for real an exchange I just had with a client: Client: Good afternoon! Thank you for confirming that the inspection has taken place as scheduled. Please provide our team with an estimated time of arrival for the submission of the report. If there is any way you could submit this report before the due date it would be very much appreciated. Thank you for all of your hard work. Have a great day! -Shelbie Me: I'd love to submit the report before the due date but my flux capacitor is busted so my time machine won't allow me to do so. Since the report is due today and I am working on it right now, I will have it submitted today, most likely in the afternoon. Thank you. Client: Good afternoon- Thanks for the update and the humor. We look forward to receiving your report. Have a good day!- Lori
  • 1h 01m 19s
  • 15.85 miles
  • 15.51 Mi/hr

Man, riding into the wind SUCKS. I hate it. But I LOVE riding WITH the wind, because it is AWESOME! So that's what I do. I ride out into the sucky wind so that I can ride back with the awesome wind. I think I hit 38mph. I know at one point I was going uphill (only 1-2% incline, but still) at about 25 mph and my HR was 152. Now that is some wind, my friends. I wonder, do they have wind in Kansas? ;)

Such a sad news day - my wife's cousin's 2 y/o died last night. She has had a very hard life with her dad passing away when she was younger, and recently found out she was being cheated on by her husband. Now this on top of it all? Rough. ===================================== In much lighter news, I am appraising a home that is very similar to another home I appraised in this neighborhood just a couple weeks ago, so all my comps are pulled and entered for me and the photos are taken. w00t for saving time! Now to go ride my bike for an hour. I think I'll head up to the lake and back.

  • 40m
  • 2000.00 yards
  • 02m /100 yards

w/u - 4x75

m/s - 500 swim, 500 pull, 500 swim

c/d - 100 swim, 50 back, 50 half breast/half swim.

  • 30m 14s
  • 3.15 miles
  • 09m 36s /Mi

Whew! Didn't see that one coming! Just felt really good. Actually at the beginning I felt awful, but then I felt better after about five minutes. No foot or achilles or knee or hip pain to speak of (so far)!! w0000t!

Now rumor has it she ain't got your love anymore (rumor has it!)

True rest day today. Slept until 8, then took another 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Pigged out on some pig at my parents' house and that was that.

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