Day 1 of no caffeine until race day.
  • 21m 11s
  • 2.03 miles
  • 10m 26s /Mi

Had some left patella tendon pain going on, 1 on a scale of 10. Otherwise felt pretty good all things considered. I'm actually kind of achy all over, hopefully just because of being sick.

Big thank-you to Garmin for letting me know I was near death for a good portion of my run today (downhill at a 10:30/mi pace). I hate how the HR reading sometimes does that.

  • 23m 38s
  • 5.44 miles
  • 13.81 Mi/hr

Put Brynn's front wheel on my Trek (haven't put a new tube on from the flat I had a few weeks ago) and took some comp photos from the bike. Probably didn't take much longer than it would have if I had taken my car. Wish they were all this close :)

Got the kid dropped off at school (can't wait for summer/next year when he goes to school in our district). I'm back in bed for a nap before the framer gets here and makes a bunch of noise working on our basement bathroom. Have my headset-style ear protection to hopefully grant me some peace and quiet. """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" ahhhh, feel like about 900,000 bucks (not quite a million bucks) after my nap! Attacking this day with a vengeance. I'm thinking I'll be able to "bike commute" to take some comp photos in a little bit, so that will be fun! I've only done that a time or two before but I'm going to make a more concerted effort to do so this year. Phew--finally finished that nightmare Beatrice duplex appraisal. It's tough to appraise something when there have been zero sales of that property type in the last 2 years within 30 miles. Good thing I was smart when they called to send me the order and requested a ridiculously high fee (which doesn't seem so ridiculous now that I've spent a lot of time on it). \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ Well the bad news is Brynn's uncle died yesterday (dad's brother). The unfortunate news is we're having trouble getting ahold of MOTY to try and get the visit time changed so we can go down to Wichita (where he lived) to spend time with family and go to the funeral on Sunday. I keep telling myself that it's only for a little while longer that we'll have to put up with the nonsense. UPDATE: MOTY gave her consent for the boys to miss the visit so we're good to go tomorrow after the track meet.

  • 17m
  • 1000.00 yards
  • 01m 42s /100 yards
Legs are a little fatigued today. Going to try and get a swim in later on probably. And maybe a nap too *yawn* Oh cool, I just realized I don't have anything that's technically due today. Maybe I can get ahead of the game finally, after having worked until midnight the last two nights. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][] DUMB! I'm getting sick :( Guess I'm not going to do the LTHR test for the run tomorrow. Being sick will mess up the HR number. **************************** Really getting sick. Bummer dude. Forgot to mention that my weight was 204.2 this morning, so yesterday wasn't a fluke. Yay!

  • 1h 33m 08s
  • 26.04 miles
  • 16.78 Mi/hr

86 RPM average

Glad to see that I spent 1:07 in Z1 and Z2. Was running late so I drove to the meeting spot for the group ride but they had already left (turns out they left EARLY anyway--butts!) So I started down the trail to catch them. I know they go at a pretty easy pace down the trail until they get to Hwy 77, then the real ride begins. I saw my friend Brad at Old Cheney waiting for a friend so I rode with him. He decided it would be faster to go down 14th St instead of the trail to try to catch the crew, but I absent-mindedly took the turn to go on the trail. D'oh! Ah well. They got caught at a stop light anyway so it didn't do them any good. I was pretty far ahead of them so I just settled into an upper Z2 pace and tried to catch the group. When I was turning onto HWY 77 I could juuuust see two riders cresting a hill about 3/4 of a mile away, so I figured I could catch them. I had to wait for the stop light though and by the time I got to the Roca Rd exit I had NO clue where anybody was. I waited for Brad to catch up and he ended up going under the overpass instead of on the exit. Apparently he thought that they were doing the Sprague loop and I was thinking they would do the Roca loop, that's why he kept going. So I just rode with him and his friend down to Sprague. Turns out he was right! We saw the group coming back as we were getting ready to go down the huge hill into Sprague. We ended up having a little sprint down into Sprague on the big hill. I guess I only got up to 36 mph (missed my triple crank today :))

After we turned around in Sprague we caught back up to the group and rode in with them. All the regulars were really excited to see my new bike, and I told them I wouldn't be bringing it on the group rides much (let's face it, it's not that comfortable to ride a tri bike upright and have to shift using the bar-end shifters on a group ride). Ned, who is this 60 year-old 125-lb bag of muscle, told me I'll have to spend more time at the front now that I have that bike :) Oh Neddy!

Take a look at the weight, gang! Ten days post-vacation and I'm back to normal being a loser =) ============================= Two of two and a half reports done, just gotta go take the comp photos! I have two final inspections that I'll do while I'm out, plus I have to finish the nightmare duplex from Beatrice that I didn't get finished yesterday (because there are no duplex sales in Beatrice in the last year--more like 18 months). ----------------------------- BUH! Spent a couple hours driving around Lincoln taking comp photos and talking on the phone (literally, a couple hours on the phone) with various people. Have just enough time to type this update and send a couple reports before I gotta shoot out the door and go to my group ride!

  • Health data: Hours slept: 9
  • 38m
  • 13.00 miles
  • 20.53 Mi/hr

LT Test. Didn't realize the cadence sensor was actually working. The speed sensor was too far away from the magnet, but it's good to know that it's there so I can keep track of my speed on the trainer. In fact, I'm half-tempted to do more riding on the trainer now that I know I have those two helpful little bits of information! I'll definitely be moving the magnet from my Trek to the other rear wheel for my P2 so that my Garmin can coordinate actual distance with the sensor.

Bike LT test today. Weather forecast says it's gonna be nice for the group ride tomorrow. Yay! Hmm... I added my P2 to my equipment tracker and went back through all my rides and included it in those logs, but for some reason my mileage on the right side shows "0". So, my total mileage so far with the P2 is 92.2, including an estimated 7.5 on the trainer. --- WHEW! I am pooped. Legs started shaking immediately after I stopped pedaling at the end of the LT test. Got a new number though--bike LT is 170 (old one was 167 back in '08). AND I found out that the Timex cadence/speed sensor that came with my bike works with my Forerunner! So that makes me happy, I'll have something tracking my cadence. I feel like I'm more of an 80-90 RPM kind of guy and not a 90-110 kind of guy, but the data will tell the truth and I'm looking forward to seeing it. *edit* looks like it was 91 RPMs for the first 10 minutes of the 30 minute test and 87 for the final 20 minutes. But this ride I was intentionally riding around 90 RPMs so I can repeat the test in a few months as my fitness improves. Looks like with the new HR zone I can ride between 141 and 151 on my endurance rides (in other words, my 2 hour ride the other day was a "recovery" ride). Sweet!

2PM; two reports left to write, one I still gotta pull and photograph comps for. Very glad today is a "rest" day! Had a Buff Smoothie for breakfast and all my lower extremities are feeling excellent. --------------------- Yessssssss--Brynn drove me to Beatrice and I was able to nearly write the whole report on the way there and back. Plus I got a chocolate shake from McDonald's! One report to go and then I am donesies for the night. I'm feeling super good today, so good that I don't want to rest--I want to work out! Going to stick with the plan anyway and rest--sometimes what the heart wants isn't good for the body. This week is about getting stronger through rest & recovery.

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