• 31m 36s
  • 2.91 miles
  • 10m 52s /Mi

Z2 run--felt like I was working harder than Z2, though I did double check and made sure I could carry on a conversation while running by myself on the treadmill in the basement :) Did the usual 4:00 run / :30 walk

  • 1h 24m 10s
  • 24.33 miles
  • 17.34 Mi/hr

Stupid HR strap--worked flawlessly during my run yesterday, acted like an idiot today during the first part of my ride. I think it's just getting garbled up whenever my jersey is blowing in the wind, because the HR info cleared up once I turned South to go into Bennet. Stupid thing. Anyway, had a good ride today on the Loop. Only one idiotic driver incident--two cars were coming toward me and the genius in the 2nd car decided to pass as they were going by me. I was changing screens on my Garmin otherwise I might've pulled my water bottle off and thrown it at him--what a stupid move! Five seconds is all it would have been for him to just wait to pass the other guy.

Thinking about doing The Loop today somewhere in the Z2 HR zone to give the legs a chance to recover from yesterday's hard effort. ---------- Planning on getting LOTS of biking and running in this week and next week, then a recovery week, then two more amped up weeks and then taper time! I need to be better about going to the pool...

  • 30m
  • 3.31 miles
  • 09m 04s /Mi

bah-bahhhhhh! Running LT test. Accidentally clicked the "lap" button at the turn-around (a habit I've gotten into on my runs) but my average HR for the final 5+15 minutes were within 1 beat of each other so I think I'm okay. It was HOT HOT HOT out there! I figured I'd do the test outside since I'll be running in the middle of the day anyway for my race so having zones established based on similar conditions is probably going to be the best protocol.

Well I spent a good chunk of the day yesterday moving stuff in our house so that the carpet installers could do their thing. That makes me a very sore and very tired boy today. Also got the washing machine and dryer moved to their new location in our "new" laundry room. That thing was freaking heavy and made me feel like I didn't have any grip in my right hand for the rest of the day yesterday. Going to try and take a nap this morning and then do my running LT test depending on how I'm feeling. I might just make this a medium length run day. ----- Had a health check today as part of our foster care license renewal. My blood pressure was 120/68. This was right after my LT test, so I'm not sure if my "normal" BP is better or worse than that, but I read on Wikipedia that it's right in the "healthy" range or whatever, so I'm good with that.

  • Home Improvement
  • 1h 00m

Figure a solid hour of lifting/moving is about right.

Replaced the rear shifter cable and... voila! Boy, that was actually really easy. I should start a bike shop! Phew, the carpet installers are FINALLY here. As soon as they had the carpet up in front of the bathroom I got started on trying to isolate and eliminate this incessant squeak that has plagued us for quite some time. It's really obnoxious to be up in the middle of the night to go pee and feel like you're walking through a minefield because you're trying not to make the squeak! I think I tamed it for now, and I know where it is from below so I can toenail (toescrew?) some more screws in to really clamp it down if it acts up again.

  • 1h 47m 08s
  • 29.80 miles
  • 16.69 Mi/hr

Yet another workout with some useless HR data. I clipped off the Max HR stuff and anything from 180-205bpm. I read a thread on BT earlier today that said you have to clean your HR strap, so I guess I'll be doing that.

Group ride tonight--going to skip Wednesday in favor of hanging out with the family and doing my running LT test (assuming the legs are recovered from tonight's ride--ow!) There were 3 women who showed up tonight, which now that I think about it is probably normal for a Monday and I was a "new person" for that ride. At any rate, there was this one lady who apparently did a 5+ hour mountain bike race yesterday in Omaha (Tranquility Park) who was pulling us fatties around like it was nothing. In fact, I didn't find out about her race until someone was asking her about it--she certainly didn't look like she was hurting to me!

Rode the Trek today because it's just easier to do a group ride with the shifters on a road bike as opposed to a tri bike. I think I have my seat a squidge too low on the Trek, and my rear derailleur was being a butthead and skipping all over the place. Going to have to take it somewhere to have the pros look at it, I'm not smart enough to figure it out. We were doing barrel adjustments just about every time we stopped and it would never stay corrected. The pink jersey lady (mentioned above) said that it was probably just my cable being too old, which I would have to agree.

It's interesting to look back and compare my logs from 2008 when I was training for IMKS the first time and compare that to what I'm up to the second time around. By this date in 2008, starting January 1 I... ...had run 37.57 miles (112) ...had swum 78,000 yards (41,000) ...had biked 567.69 miles (563) (this year's numbers in parentheses) I'm glad I have everything logged into BT and can look back at this stuff to get an idea of how I'm comparing to what I was doing back then. I was obviously swimming a ton more and running a ton less. I've adjusted those two disciplines in my training schedule and made one more important and the other less important. Train your weaknesses, race your strengths, right? :) You'll notice the bike miles are within 5 miles of each other. That's not the whole story, as my bike hours at this point in '08 were 43.5 and my bike hours now are only 39. So 4 fewer hours to go the same distance.. that's gotta count for something, right? Although I don't even think THAT is the whole story, because I've spent a lot more time outside this year than back then so a lot of those '08 hours are probably trainer hours for the first couple months. My average bike speed March '08 was 13.2mph and March '12 is 14.3mph. April '08 was 14.66mph and April '12 is 16.52mph. I guess I'll take that as a good sign. --- Got the OK from the Mrs. to do the group ride tonight instead of Wednesday. That will work out well, and I've been itching to work out today now that I'm feeling better!

Day 1 of no caffeine until race day.

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