Wow I've been pretty idle! Friday I took the day off work and went to a water park with the family then out to eat for an early Father's Day dinner. Felt good to have a day off that wasn't on a weekend--been a while! Seems like I have quite a bit of stuff to do but then looking at my to-do list I don't see much on there so here's hoping I can get out and do something. My wife said we have thunderstorms rolling in today.
  • 31m 15s
  • 2.87 miles
  • 10m 53s /Mi

Wow this is actually a better pace per mile than I was expecting. Felt like total POOP during this run and walked quite a bit. My running pace must have compensated for all the walking. This was around small lake Z.

Went for a run after work and got my butt kicked. GPS upload coming.

  • 45m 36s
  • 12.34 miles
  • 16.24 Mi/hr

One lap from home around all of Lake Z and back. Felt really good! Adjusted my seat to be almost level to the ground rather than pointed down and didn't notice any discomfort in the nether regions so I'll keep it there for now. Just trying to tweak the fit for maximum performance/comfort.

Hoping to get SOME kind of workout in today. Don't have a terrible amount of stuff to do here at the office since one of our new orders asked us to wait until Friday to see the property. I'm thinking another bike ride sounds nice :)

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