Wheeeew I am straight up WHOOPED today. Slept for 9 hours and still felt like I got hit by a truck last night. Guess that means the training is working :)
  • 1h 10m 20s
  • 16.43 miles
  • 14.02 Mi/hr

Roller ride! Thought my watch was going to automagically stop tracking time when I stopped to go see why our dog was barking her head off, but it ran for 9+ minutes straight. She was barking because my kids were yelling out the window to people walking down the street. *eyeroll*. I thought someone was here and my wife was unable to answer the door.

Didn't really have a goal for this workout except to ride my bike for an hour and I accomplished that. Kept it easy for the first 12 minutes or so - around 70-80 watts) and then increased the gearing to bring it up to 130-140. Was watching Daredevil of course! Did a few spurts in there of increased cadence and gearing, and a little time in the aero bars (a few minutes tops--it's scary on the rollers!)

  • 42m 59s
  • 3.82 miles
  • 11m 15s /Mi

Felt okay during this one. Really tried staying in Z2 and was running like a 12-minute pace at one point. I'm going to try and do a LT test within the next week and see if my zones are indeed correct. Last one was back in March I think.

Oh and I did some strides at the end, 4x 20 seconds with 1 minute recovery.

  • 1h 05m 46s
  • 16.02 miles
  • 14.62 Mi/hr

HOT bike ride! Was SUPER windy, I'm pretty sure I turned around after about 45 minutes, and my total ride was 65 minutes, so that's kind of insane. HILLY as heck too. Went out on Q street to the highway and rode south to Lincoln Rd, then west until the pavement ended and came back the same way, with taking Harrison back. All the traffic was very polite (still really freaking busy!) so that's good. A little disappointed in the speed, but factoring in the wind, hills, and heat, I suppose I can't be too upset for 6th true bike ride (not toting kids around) of the year and second outdoor ride.

  • 30m 01s
  • 2.69 miles
  • 11m 10s /Mi

I wanted to run a continuous 30 minutes at the same pace and see what my HR did--if it crept up gradually or significantly or what. So I got on the TM at the house here and set it to an 11:10 per mile pace (my average pace when I run-walk) and it looks like my heart rate is fairly irregular even from minute to minute! I'm willing to accept that it could be oddities in the HR data, whether from interference or other signaling issues. But I learned that I get into high Z3 after about 30 minutes of continuous running, so I guess that's something. Going to stick with my run-walks for now!

A little sore today still from Saturday even though I chillaxed pretty much all day Sunday. Installed the 4th new mirror on the passenger side of our Suburban (don't ask) and then took my mom, step dad, and nephew out for supper at Don & Millies. Then we went to Zorinsky park so the kids could all play and then came home & watched Doctor Who after the kids went to bed.

  • 41m 08s
  • 3.74 miles
  • 11m /Mi

Worked on cleaning the garage most of the morning, then I rebuilt our fence gate on the north side and got that installed, mowed the lawn, argued with the neighbor about the lawn, and then went for this run which I felt great on! HR was high but it was also like 75 degrees out. 4x1 run-walks.

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