• 2h 23m 34s
  • 13.13 miles
  • 10m 56s /Mi
Lincoln Half Marathon! Nailed it!

  • 28m 06s
  • 2.48 miles
  • 11m 20s /Mi

Was planning to take the day off but it is just SO NICE out! Supposed to be nice tomorrow and Saturday as well. I'm thinking a bike ride is in my near future...

Also the middle of my upper-back (basically right at the bottom of my left scapula) is tight today. Been stretching today in hopes that it will go away. I get this on occasion, I think it's due to sleeping funny. Also might be soreness related to the core workout I've started back up.

Ended up mowing the lawn for an hour and a half--bleh. Needed it real bad, and it was good to do something monotonous and low-stress for once.
  • 10m 28s
  • 0.92 miles
  • 11m 22s /Mi

buh... tried running around small lake Z with Brynn but my right achilles had a little bit of an ache and I decided not to test it by pushing on. she continued on with Penny and I walked back to the car.

  • 10m

  • 35m 29s
  • 3.30 miles
  • 10m 45s /Mi

Post-work-pre-dinner-finishing-work run. Our 2 yo hasn't been feeling the best so I took her out in the stroller for this one in hopes that some fresh air and new sights and smells might lift her spirits. It seemed to have a net positive impact, but she was still a little crabby throughout the evening.

I'm actually pretty proud of this run! I didn't really pay attention to my HR (in fact I turned off my HR alerts because I started out fast and HR shot straight up and it was annoying). To be running sub-11s in the hills around my neighborhood while pushing a stroller is no small feat! I even ran most of the way up the hill by the high school which is not something I usually do. I'm SUPER excited to be done with the half marathon so I can have more hard-ish runs like this! 5 more days... o.O

  • 26m 17s
  • 1400.00 yards
  • 01m 53s /100 yards

Stupid watch wasn't counting like 40% of my laps! Didn't realize it until I was 9 minutes in and I was given credit for about 300 yards. I started checking my watch every lap after that and it would drop every third or every other lap! Swam 500 and it gave me credit for 300. So annoying.

  • 10m

Going to start logging my core workouts so that hopefully it will motivate me to do them more regularly! We were doing great with them and then we kinda lost our mojo. Well, no more! I can definitely feel an improvement in run form longevity in my longer runs when I'm working on core regularly vs. when I'm not. I mean, it makes sense right?

Man... just not feeling the workout vibe today. Problem is that it's been rainy and crappy for several days straight. Plus that run took a lot out of me--I needed a fully day off yesterday! Training plan calls for a 4 mile run today (based on a Saturday race, which mine is on Sunday) but with how my legs are feeling I'm calling an audible and going to go swim at some point this afternoon.

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