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Great run today.. Thanks Janet... :) You are the best running partner ever..

Muirwoods 50K today... wohooo!!   we rock..   We had a great run today despite the fact that we were feeling not that good..   Last year we finish this run in 6:46 and we were healthy...  this year was much better and we were sick.. 

This was the last for Janet until next year...  I think I am crazy enough to attempt just one more...  I'll be doing it on my own... but I Oh well..   :) 

On the "other" front...  Fuck it,  I am done and I am numb...  :)  Go me!!   

Are you a woman between the ages of 18-35,   fertile, with a good head on your shoulders, career oriented, independent, emotionally stable...     if so,  we should talk..  


LifeQuote #8534    Nah!!  Yea!!  Get out of here...   I told you she is a crazy bitch....  (Chris Rock)


 See our pictures here

Happy SICK running buddies..



 Back from crossfit..  did not work out tonight..  Went there just to hang out..    It was fun to make fun of others and NOT work out.    I got some beers and chips....  after the workout we jut sat there and drank beer..  NOt that I have a 50K tomorrow..   but what the hell..  considering how fucked up has been my week this was great..   

10:14   I just talked to my boss...  job is well...  but it is going to change in 09...  

Fuck,  I am so angry it is not even funny...    


OK...   lets start living,  and start forgetting... 

Life Quote #45445  Fuck it,  I don't need this shit..  (sorry for the language)


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Another slow run today... not feeling well...voice is really harsh and I just did not feel like running..

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Cross fit therapy today at 5:00.... We did this thing (5 times)
climb a rope
4 pullups with 20% my body weight,
4 overhead push ups
8 I don't remember the name of the exercise, but it is supposed to work your core..

I am not a person that gets angry easily...  but today I am.     And I should be....  I am fucking numb... 


This picture was taken by Scott Dunlap at the Woodside 50K.    Not only he placed it in his blog  but also was used by the race directors.  It was included in an official email from them..  we are famous..  :) :)

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Cross fit therapy... I love this stuff..

Today was hard... :)



I figured out what my NEW YEAR's eve is going to be like..  Since I won't be able to be with the ones I love ,  I decided that I am going to embrace the new year doing what I love doing the most  (besides pizza of course)....   I'll be running.    A midnight run to receive the new year...   I think is a good thing since running has been such a big part of my life lately and the fact that it keeps me sane and out of trouble.....   that is it...  :)

Went to the the phramacy today to get some meds...    Hopefully my throat stops being so harsh... i wonder if it is my allergies....  or is if it is all that long distance running that is threatening my inmune system. 

Can you believe the year is almsot over.  Damn.... 

 I am NOT going home this christmas...   I want to stay here... I'll keep myself busy... maybe I just go for a long run or something.   That is an idea!!   I will receive the new year running... woohooo!!  

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Really easy today after cross fit.. Ran with a couple of new people that did not the trail.. so I was with them so they would not get lost..

Besides... i was tired after Cross fit.

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Cross fit therapy today...
I actually did the WOD (work of the day) twice.. I had so much energy I did it again... It was so much fun... I finished before anybody... Marshall a really fit guy could not believe I actually beat him... Wohooo!!

Good day today...  finished work early and decided to go to an earlier CF class.    I also got a much needed haircut..   my hair is not happy when it starts getting long...   

Janet and I signed for the Muir Woods 50K this weekend.  We will probably be super slow,  but then again, that is what we said last weekend.  

I have been waiting for a day when there is nothing to think about but just enjoy the day fully.   I haven't had one of those in a long time.   I am longing for some peace and a good night of sleep, 


I just signed up for Muir Woods 50K this coming saturday...  This one is going to be slow!!!  


Freaking sore throat is killing me at night.   I had a couple of good nights of sleep..   Now I am back being awake most of the night.  I went to bed around 1am and woke up at 4am... WTF.   From then on it was tossing and turning.....  and freaking over thinking everything. 

Tonight I am supposed to run,  but the night will be cold and with this freaking voice of mine not getting any better I might just bag the run and do only crossFit.  


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Cross Fit therapy today... feels good.

had a great day today....    lots of work and then  a great workout.    I am back at work (bummer) but hopefully jsut for under an hour...  then going home  and get some zzz's...

 I had a friend and my CF coach that did their first 50K yesterday.    they did it slow,  but finished.  


Nothing today...   Went to get an amazing huge breakfast this morning.  There is particular restaurant I love for breakfast food...   I had an omlet,  fruit and OJ...   Man it was soo good.    Then to work for a little bit. 

 Been thinking a lot the last couple of days... I have come with some very aggressive new year's resolutions.   I am down with them and I think they are totally doable.  No, not all of them involve racing.   One of them in particular is pretty big...  and it is going to be a great thing to achieve sometime next year..    Will tell when I am ready...  :)


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